Friday, November 20, 2015

of me, and sudden love to the extreme

Have i told you how much i hate outdoor activities?

Yes, i hated it. *note the past tense there*

For the past few weeks, when a friend of mine constructed a plan to hike a mountain in Indonesia, i was excited, but in a nervous way.

I hated mountain so much. last time i hiked, the struggle with mud and leeches was real and i have had enough. and i prefer ocean than mountain.

But still, i accepted the offer. and i think i have got to do something to well, make myself fit for the hike.

Apart from jogging few rounds before the trip, i decided i have to take the effort a little bit higher. probably around Broga's high or Tabur's.

Tabur, 17 October 2015

Broga, 4 November 2015

And a few more exercises at tiger cave mountain during my trip to krabi would be enough, i guess. all these steps lead to this,

Gunung Prau, Jawa Tengah 16 November 2015

Still couldn't believe i made it. will blog about it later. daaa.

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