Friday, August 28, 2015

of me, and books, and bookstores

remember yesterday, i blogged until 3am in the morning? i had only 3 hours of sleep and woke up with sleepyhead. its okay, i can top up my sleep later now that i have full day of nothing to do.

morning filled with breakfast, and cat-bonding, and i was kind enough to wash the porch. urgh, my back. and before noon, i was alone in my room trying to take a rest while scrolling instagram.

but then, i stumbled upon an insta selling the rarest book i wanted to buy. aku, by sumandjaya. that famous book from ada apa dengan cinta. the book i am dying to have.

i got all excited and without wasting time i seal a deal with the seller (with another 2 books, pfth). ok now you can sleep with a smile, farah.

but then (again), i stumbled upon lang leav post in instagram. her new book is out in town.

i got all excited (again) and decided to go to kinok. and there goes my sleep.

i always love book. i can refrain myself from other things; clothes, gadgets, food. but books, i just can't. and kinok is my favourite place. i can spend hours strolling around the bookstore and fighting myself whether to buy this or that. i can die happily inside the bookstore. and i wish to work in a bookstore. oh, now that i am unemployed, why dont i?

i guess i can ask later.

but later that day, while wandering from aisle to aisle, tracing from one book to another, i was thinking that nope, i cannot work here. if i work here, i will be standing in an awe for hours. and leisurely walk with silly grin and can't get my eyes off the books that i love very much.

yes, me and my excuses but nope. i should get myself as far as i can from bookstores to avoid further damage on my money.

excerpts from memories, the one i loved the most

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