Thursday, August 27, 2015

25 things to do before you turn 25

(Its a year late, but hey, i am still in 25 so i still got time before 25 can say goodbye, in 3 months time.)

1. Go to a Music Festival.

oh. i did this a lot. k-pop concerts, showdowns, and dance live-show.

2. Buy Dinner for Your Parents.

done that.

3. Travel to Another Continent

looking forward to. never been to somewhere over asia.

4. Try an Adrenaline Sport.

white water rafting, done. looking forward to sky diving and bungee jumping.

5. Spend the Whole Weekend Partying.

party at home, with books and internet. sometimes at karaoke box. but i just love do-nothing-party.

6. Have a Good Conversation with Someone of a Different Faith or Belief to Your Own.

done that. being asked a lot about islam by a non-muslim.

7. Vote.

done that.

8. Dye Your Hair a Completely Different Colour.

change hairstyle, yes.

9. Go to a Gay / Lesbian Club or Bar.

haha. pass.

10. Let Go of a Friendship.

people come, people go. and so do friends.

11. Like Yourself.


12. Practice Being Charitable.

volunteering, very soon. donating blood, random act of kindness. checked.

13. Let the Grudge Go.

dont hold grudge.

14. Go on a Blind Date.

oh, did this at high school.

15. Exercise.

i just walk a lot. and run...a blog.

16. Learn to Cook

still learning

17. Learn to “Be”.

always. let it be, just follow the flow. though it caught me up in a very meaningless way. 

18. Save for Your Retirement.

spent all my savings during unemployment. so, will do it again once i got a stable job in the future

19. Camp Under the Stars.

would love to.

20. Learn to Balance Your Finances.

currently, i am living moderately in very limited source of finance. but i lived, and still living.

21. Wake up Somewhere Unfamiliar.

somewhere by the beach. and far from home. checked.

22. Eat Exotic Food.

nope. nope. nope.

23. Buy a Ridiculously Expensive Item of Clothing.

the most expensive item i've bought is my original lc and a pair of converse hi-cut. not very fond of shopping.

24. Learn to Say No.

still learning it. improved a lot.

25. Learn to Be Alone


mark : 20/25. should i not let go of 25 yet? but then again, i have my very own bucket list. and things that i wanna do before i die. this year marked a lot of crazy things i've done. if i can recall it;

get a passport, checked
confess to someone, checked
solo vacance, checked
quit a job, checked
travel with bff, checked
adopt a pet, checked
make new friends in other country, checked
family vacation, checked
write poems, checked
be random, checked


I am happy with my life. no matter how miserable it becomes, i hope i will always be happy with it. yes, behind every crazy little things i've done, the reason were all because of frustration, heartbroken, and all sorts of negative vibe.

I've changed a lot, because life changes me. if anyone ever asked me, what happened? the answer would be

life. life happens.

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