Thursday, May 21, 2015

that time-bomb

audit has changed me to a time bomb.

yes, i am unpredictable but not to the extend that i can explode. i don't always get mad, i always believe people deserve a second chance no matter how big their mistakes were. but not to myself.

"u are such a loser. big double capital loser. u don't deserve a second chance. u are totally unforgivable. ur mistakes were stupid, and so do you. u should loathe yourself. u are selfish. in denial. u don't even deserve to live a human being when you always think of yourself."

those words up above, i wanted to scream to myself.

but not even once i think that its others fault. its always me. only me.

apparently, not everyone seems to understand what i feel. no one. and i should keep silent. like i always do.

but then again, audit has changed me. i don't even know myself. i don't even like myself anymore.

and that time-bomb has explode but everyone still thinks that it could have stopped before the last tick.

no, not all time-bomb were destined to stop in the middle. time-bomb does what time-bomb does.

it explodes.

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