Monday, May 18, 2015

South Korea, 1-5 may 2015

Korea trip was amazing. I should blog about it.

And... here I am.

Lets start with, can you imagine you are at the place you always saw on tv? Well, bagi aku, since the first time aman asked me last year, rasa macam mimpi.

First day, flight departed at 11pm. Being a last minute person, I packed my things the night before, which costs me a sleepless night. Dan aku masih bekerja pada hari tersebut. Nevermind, I can sleep in the plane, I thought.

And guess what, I can't. Not even when I was in business class (a technical problem lead me to business class, and wow, business class, macam mimpi jugak). Maybe because I was beside a stranger thus, its not quite comfortable and well, not easy to find position that makes me look pretty in sleep pfth.

Then, we arrived early in the morning. And after the long immigration process we finally can stepped our foot out of the airport. We met the tour guide, went for a bbq chicken lunch and headed off to the first destination :

Day 1. Nami Island.

view : the infamous winter sonata lane

view : just a few red trees

view : love

view : me, with autumn feel (tho its still spring)

view : banana uyu! 
fall in love with that tho i'm not very fond of banana

view : our supper. korean strawberry. 
its a bit more sweety than the usual we can find at home

view : korean traditional style of bed. 
standard bentang toto tidur depan tv macam kat rumah je

Day 2. Seorak-san
view : morning view at hotel, a replica of stonehenge
and ulsan rock at the background

view : seorak national park's bronze buddha
well, we got gold statue here at batu caves.

view : stream 
i had an urge to step my foot down there just to feel the cold water
but naah, maybe next time

view : cherry blossom! 
probably the only cherry blossom tree still living at the moment

view : gadis dan bunga
i fall in love with flowers, which is so not me

view : again, red trees

view : cable car approaching
and there, our destination, peak of seorak

view : me, obviously
we have to climb up few steps after the cable car pitstop to reach here
and i am still a happy girl

view : see the flag up there?

view : i was beyond that!
pheww. i dont know where did i got all the stamina to reach here
like heyy, its been forever since my last exercise

view : still a happy girl

view : a traditional house with lots of potteries to keep varieties of sauce
this was at the herb farm where we stopped for a while.

and at the end of the day, i regret not warming up before hiking.
my leg and my whole body were in pain
not a very happy girl anymore, just an old lady grump in pain

 Day 3. Seoul
view : kimchi making school
and have i told you that i love kimchi very much?

view : kimchi, obviously

view : gongju-nim
it means, princess. bahaha

view : itaewon mosque
itaewon is famous with foreigners and here you can easily find muslim food

view : while waiting for others to shop
excuse my snsd pants. i bought them when i was still a kpop fan
and now i have long retired

view : night walk at dongdaemun
here, u can find all sorts of beauty and cosmetic things
which is also so not me but i fall helplessly

 Day 4. Gyeongbokgung Palace

view : the president statue.
pheonix is the korean rep symbol

view : secret garden of the princess

view : the palace
well, this was just a the admin building in the palace
we basically sweat ourselves walking around the huge palace area
i cant even feel my legs, literally

view : the guardians of the palace
the changing ceremony we were waiting for

view : evening rest at Cheonggyecheon stream
with a cuppa coffee

and that was the end of our journey.
special thanx to our tour guide,
kang-ssi and sandra-ssi

I will definitely repeat korea. busan and jeju, just wait for me.

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