Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 reasons i can't get married right now

2014 has started. Another year means another number has been added to my age. And i am anticipating another year full of marriage, or at least, talk about marriage.

But dear me, please get into your right mind. Read the title above, and read those 5 things below:

#1. You do not own a house yet.

#2. You have not completed your CA exams yet.

#3. You have been tied up, not to a man, but to your company. Yes, you are bounded.

#4. You are an auditor. You work till late at night. Sometimes you skip lunch. Sometimes you have late dinner. And sometimes you work on weekends. Sometimes, or most of the times, especially during peak period.

#5. You have no boyfriend. 

Oh, what a 'no life'!

p/s: I know this is totally not a right way to write on a new page of a new book. But start fresh? Pfth. BS. It will be the same throughout the year.

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