Monday, January 28, 2013


because i love watching series, i was once wondering, if forensics got CSI, doctors got House, lawyers got Suits, and fbis got Chuck, then auditors got what?

a friend of mine jokingly said auditors got haters.

and i couldnt agree more.

coz even as an auditor, i couldnt help but hating the job as an auditor. its been almost two months but i still couldnt attach the heart to this job. sometimes i hate it, sometimes i dont. i dont know whether its me who am still struggling the adaptation process, or am i truly not meant to be an auditor?


i lost count how many times i sighing, whining and cursing my decision.

i lost count how many times i wish if time could ever turn back.

and i am losing hope, losing the ability to turn bitterness into sweetness. to find positive in negativity. and to search for a light in the darkness.

gimme back my old me, with my old life. please.

*sigh. again.

p/s : being grumpy like an old lady. urgh, i hate being old.

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