Monday, December 31, 2012

review and revise

Resolusi 2012. Mari review satu persatu.

1. Finishing school

Note : Barely missed it. Thank God i made it at last, with very much struggle. One of the most unforgettable moment. 

2. Get a work

Note : Done. Still early to say if its my dream job or not. Nevertheless, i am happy with what i have earned. Hope for many more happiness to come later.

3. Grab a passport

Note : This have yet to be completed, as of now. Had no motivation neither time to run for one. Later, maybe later.

So, as 2012 has closed its book, lets open a new book. And do a revise 2013 resolution.

1. Grab a passport. Brought forward, no more words.

2. Get a life. I mean, a work-life balance. 

3. Get married. K Bye.

p/s : ignore #3. 10-11-12 will never come back. so do my dream wed-day. sobs. 

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