Monday, December 31, 2012

review and revise

Resolusi 2012. Mari review satu persatu.

1. Finishing school

Note : Barely missed it. Thank God i made it at last, with very much struggle. One of the most unforgettable moment. 

2. Get a work

Note : Done. Still early to say if its my dream job or not. Nevertheless, i am happy with what i have earned. Hope for many more happiness to come later.

3. Grab a passport

Note : This have yet to be completed, as of now. Had no motivation neither time to run for one. Later, maybe later.

So, as 2012 has closed its book, lets open a new book. And do a revise 2013 resolution.

1. Grab a passport. Brought forward, no more words.

2. Get a life. I mean, a work-life balance. 

3. Get married. K Bye.

p/s : ignore #3. 10-11-12 will never come back. so do my dream wed-day. sobs. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


list to blog :

#1 : convocation day : 5 seconds of fame

#2 : bridging programme : 2 month in heaven, and hell

#3 : new home. new life. new future plan.

#4 : my best friend's engagement

#5 : where does all the time gone?

apparently, #5 is the content of #1 to #4, thats all can be updated for now.

till we meet again. yada yada yada.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

istanbul jangan kau datang

I always do a movie review whenever i watched something worth to be talked about. And Istanbul aku datang has that thing.

But i guess its not something worth to talk about. It is more to something we should think about.

And yes, i just finished watching the movie. Not in cinema, coz illegal downloading gave me everything that time and space couldn't, plus i don't have a boyfriend that i could bring to the cinema. Bahah.

Speaking of which, the kind of sweet cutie cheesy lovey dovey stuff being stuffed in the movie are soooooo gonna likeable, by boyfriend-girlfriend. That is why i've heard of too many positive feedback about the movie. Couldn't agree more, who does not want a love-hate relationship as harris-dian do.

But moving on to the story-line, it had me on thought. Deep thought. I stunned. It makes me wonder, does malaysian has really changed, or am i too conservative? Am i living in a parallel universe? Where do i live actually?

Apparently, not in Istanbul. Where a couple is free to hug and kiss. To live together and enjoy forever.

But then i thought, its our way of living now, despite where we are. Despite who we are.

Its a shame. How the story reflects today's generation. Or should i say, malay generation? I agreed, a movie should be sincere, but too sincere puts a high risk. What if the audiences think it is okay to do it because the movie does so? What if the audiences feel proud to do it just because it is the trend? What if, what shouldn't be done becomes what should be doing? When the negative becomes positive just because so many people accepting it. When we lose too much because we chase too far. When we left out the importants just to be upgraded.

Do u really want to see that happened? In our culture?

Call me conservative, but i still think hugs and kisses are for husband. Not boyfriend.

Yes, i narrowed down the scope to just hugs and kisses, where in reality, it is beyond those things. You know, right?

Dont blame the movie. Its just us. Or maybe its just me who think too complicatedly. Well, i couldn't help it.

Nevertheless, it was fun watching that movie. Yeah, that walking on cloud 9 feelings. That oh-how-best-it-would-be-to-have-a-soulmate-like-harris. Those poetic quotes.

Apabila dua jiwa sudah sebati, memang susah nak dipisahkan.

I love how Lisa's character being portrayed as someone who is cheerful, full of optimism, and trust easily. But then, the sadness frustrated brokenhearted feeling of betrayal really sting the heart. It shows, much. 

And that is the first time i watched Beto's on screen. Not bad. Simple, yet impacted. Now i know why everyone loves him, even he is not so good looking. 

Kadang kadang kita tak perlu beri peluang kedua bila kita boleh beri sekali sahaja peluang kepada orang lain. (sort of)

So true. Coz that second chance might be a waste. Coz that same mistake might be repeated. Coz some other person deserves it more. Coz we don't know the future, so just close our eyes and lets do some experiments.

Tests whether the hypothesis of 'if its not happy, it isn't the ending yet' is true or not.

Coz in the end, we all are gonna live happily ever after.