Sunday, November 11, 2012

my wedding day. i don't have groom

two years ago (i think), i checked the calendar, scrolled down randomly, and found an amazing date.

It's my birthday.

and i marked that date. hoping to get married, or at least, being engaged, or at the very least, found the other half of my heart, at that very amazing date.

believe me, it happens. the miracle happens! there is magic out there, people!

the proposal
the candles
the invitation card
the wedding gown(s)
the cupcakes 
the photo-compilation

completed with the playlist of wedding song, as the background music

and most importantly,

the bride and the wedding planners

the groom is missing. for the moment.

well, at least, my wish to get married on 10-11-12 did come true. i am the happiest bride in the world, even without a groom. because god blesses me with lovely friends. 

thank you, for all wishes, for all love, and for each and every smile you guys have pasted on my face. i am most appreciated and touched. 

MRS. Farrakaka

p/s : nevertheless, i've had a nicest simplest sweetest and most beautiful (first) wedding ever, in 23. looking forward to the second wedding of mine. 


Anonymous said...

Hang da kawen ka?-Angah Faqhroul Hisham

farah hazwani said...

belum lagi lah. tipu je ni. haha.

Anonymous said...

1st wedding without a groom???
nway happy bufday & congrats for ur wedding hahha.....

p/s:asal ak xdpt invitation :(