Saturday, October 20, 2012

to educate is to edify with delicate

Satu benda yang sangat sangat jauh berbeza, antara zaman aku dulu, dan zaman adik adik aku kini, ialah pendekatan pendidikan. Dulu, kita sebagai murid dengan rela hati menerima segala jenis perlakuan dan pendekatan yang cikgu cikgu gunakan. Kalau cikgu suka pegang rotan, bersedialah menerima sebatan. Kalau cikgu gemar bawak pembaris kayu panjang semeter, bersedialah menghulur tapak tangan. Kalau dapat cikgu yang jenis malas nak pegang apa apa, jangan rasa selamat, mungkin cubitan ketam beliau lebih berbisa.

Tapi, cikgu sekarang? Jenis merokok. Bawak bekal lighter. Hah, bersedialah kau kena bakar.

Dahsyat cikgu sekarang. A few days, months, or maybe years ago, whenever there were lots of complaints from parents on kids been beaten in school by teachers, i would say, kids nowadays are such a sissy. And parents loved to raise spoiled brats. I was on the teachers side in that case. But still, i dont blame the society for the changing of environment.

But listening to my mom's story of what happened to my bro, it got me burned.

1. Merampas telefon bimbit adalah okay. And i blamed my brother for that.

2. Menuduh tanpa usul periksa adalah tidak okay. There are a lot more pupils that were angry with you, of what has happened, but attacking only one or two person without evidence or investigation, that should be called a fitnah.

3. Menyalakan lighter dan mencucuh ke bibir anak murid, itu adalah sangat sangat tidak okay (i refrain myself from using any more inappropriate words). Educating needs to be done in a proper manner, not threatening them, with lighter's on. That is beyond irrational, sorry to say.
Should a teacher (an ustaz, to be specific) act like that?

I admit, my brother is not one of good student. Probably one of the naughtiest or worst student. But one thing i do believe is, we, 5 siblings, are never losing respect to someone older, because most of the time, we never speak out what we're thinking, or even what we're wishing, even to our parents. But if you do believe that he is the one that has insulted you, please do so, but with proofs.

Not with lighters.

Hitting to educate is okay, but bare in mind, always use proper manner.
p/s: maybe this personal thought is being biased, but putting forward the thoughts of other people and witnesses, they are also in no side of you. I am confident in this, if i am not, i wouldnt even dare to post this in public.
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