Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i survived

Truthfully, i just went back from woods/islands. Still in the process of adapting in civilization, and not intended to write an essay of my experiences in lumut.

Maybe next entry, coz there's a lot of good memories i gained and feel obliged to share them here. For now, let's make a grateful list.

Yes, i am much grateful and thankful to Allah past week. There's a lot of fun things happened, happiness overload, flowery feelings and besides surviving the outward bound programme, i also survived in saving my degree level.

Indeed, third time brings me luck.

And i just started a new life, being a participant of PPA, a student of sunway, a temporary resident of monash, a future employee of ey, and a future candidate of acca. Hopefully, everything went well and smooth. And hopefully, i will survive throughout these journey of life.

Nothing is impossible, that is what i've learnt from obs, and i will hold into it till the end.

Till then, lets just move along.

Oh, meet my new (temporary) home, sunway monash residence. Classy much, right.

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