Tuesday, October 30, 2012

aku tanpa suara

Aku ini tidak punya suara
Jiwa ada
Bibir malah ingin sekali meluah rasa
Namun hanya nafas berat terhela

Jiwa ada tapi tidak berguna
Bisukanlah saja
Biar tidak terseksa hati
Biar tidak terdera minda

Aku ini tidak punya suara
Andai bulan bisa berbicara
Jikalau sang bintang mampu berkata kata
Rela aku serah jiwa
Tuturkanlah dari hati
Mengganti diri
Aku yang tiada punya suara

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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Berlari aku ke hujung dunia
Tidak juga kelihatan bayangmu
Merangkak aku ke lohong sempit
Masih tidak kutemu kamu

Masih jauh jarak kita
Sekecil dunia belum juga bisa berjumpa
Redha aku
Tiada ketika jaga
Aku cari di dalam mimpi
Mungkin bukan di alam nyata
Harapku kelak di sebelah sana

Menanti setia
Sampai satu masa itu tiba

P/s : sepatutnya study untuk exam, mood berpuitis datang tiba tiba pula. Ah, celaka. Bagai tiada masa lainnya.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

to educate is to edify with delicate

Satu benda yang sangat sangat jauh berbeza, antara zaman aku dulu, dan zaman adik adik aku kini, ialah pendekatan pendidikan. Dulu, kita sebagai murid dengan rela hati menerima segala jenis perlakuan dan pendekatan yang cikgu cikgu gunakan. Kalau cikgu suka pegang rotan, bersedialah menerima sebatan. Kalau cikgu gemar bawak pembaris kayu panjang semeter, bersedialah menghulur tapak tangan. Kalau dapat cikgu yang jenis malas nak pegang apa apa, jangan rasa selamat, mungkin cubitan ketam beliau lebih berbisa.

Tapi, cikgu sekarang? Jenis merokok. Bawak bekal lighter. Hah, bersedialah kau kena bakar.

Dahsyat cikgu sekarang. A few days, months, or maybe years ago, whenever there were lots of complaints from parents on kids been beaten in school by teachers, i would say, kids nowadays are such a sissy. And parents loved to raise spoiled brats. I was on the teachers side in that case. But still, i dont blame the society for the changing of environment.

But listening to my mom's story of what happened to my bro, it got me burned.

1. Merampas telefon bimbit adalah okay. And i blamed my brother for that.

2. Menuduh tanpa usul periksa adalah tidak okay. There are a lot more pupils that were angry with you, of what has happened, but attacking only one or two person without evidence or investigation, that should be called a fitnah.

3. Menyalakan lighter dan mencucuh ke bibir anak murid, itu adalah sangat sangat tidak okay (i refrain myself from using any more inappropriate words). Educating needs to be done in a proper manner, not threatening them, with lighter's on. That is beyond irrational, sorry to say.
Should a teacher (an ustaz, to be specific) act like that?

I admit, my brother is not one of good student. Probably one of the naughtiest or worst student. But one thing i do believe is, we, 5 siblings, are never losing respect to someone older, because most of the time, we never speak out what we're thinking, or even what we're wishing, even to our parents. But if you do believe that he is the one that has insulted you, please do so, but with proofs.

Not with lighters.

Hitting to educate is okay, but bare in mind, always use proper manner.
p/s: maybe this personal thought is being biased, but putting forward the thoughts of other people and witnesses, they are also in no side of you. I am confident in this, if i am not, i wouldnt even dare to post this in public.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

antara laut dan darat, serta cinta

I was born as a house-person. i rarely go out, i hate adventures, and i don't do sports. but a week in lumut had open up my eyes, and mind. there's a lot of great things Allah has prepared for us to explore, and be grateful for all His wonderful creations.

All that happened during my one week stay in Lumut were something I will never forget. well, i won't say that everything was perfect. they've got tiring moment, hateful moment and feel-like-dying moment, a lot, but luckily, i'm a kind of person who was able to find sweetness in bitterness, thus, i managed to enjoy all those difficulties. and i'm grateful for that.

Lets move on to the experiences. we arrived Lumut on saturday afternoon. we first welcomed by the warm hands of the instructors, be divided into 4 watches (a small group of 13-14 people each) and shoot, we took the first fresh picture together. motif di sebalik gambar? i'll tell you later.

The first day ended without difficulties, just an awkward ice-breaking session, and we've been released to bed early (to prepare for the worst tomorrow, of course). being in new place, i had to struggle to sleep, turned out i slept only for 2-3 hours that night and i regretted that because the next day, the real journey of hardship began. are you ready for the real adventure? well, i am.

1. Kayaking expedition

The next day started with a fresh morning jog. up and down the hills. menghirup udara nyaman, bertemankan kicauan burung dan bermandi peluh di pagi hari. tika ini, kesusahan mula terasa. but this was just a piece of what has awaited us up front.

Later that morn, we learned some rope-tying and setting up the tent techniques, and then, here we go, the kayaks were waiting for us. it was not my first experience with kayak - i had my own 'kayak-bodoh-bodoh' session around Tasik Shah Alam before, but being forced to capsize during training got my nerves. (capsize : menterbalikkan diri anda bersama kayak di dalam air). i drank a lot of salt water, yikes!

Training session ended, we were told that our first expedition will start straight away after lunch. WHAT? berkayak merentas selat, with ships and boats crossing along, and waves moving up and downs, with just a few hours of training? whew, i should have foreseen this.

But challenge accepted. ekspedisi bermula dengan sesi berkayak ke Teluk Sekadeh, where we camped there for a night, to prepare for the real expedition the next day. yeah, OBS  Teluk Sekadeh was just 0.5% of the real expedition that we should accomplished.

The real expedition was kayaking around Pulau Pangkor. baru beberapa meter berkayak dari Sekadeh, hujan pun turun dengan lebatnya, and we were forced to turn back. when the weather turned nice, we started our expedition again, and in the end, we managed to complete our mission impossible #1, in around 8++ hours time (minus lunch break).
8 jam bersila dalam kayak, 8 jam terumbang ambing di atas lautan, 8 jam berkayak tanpa henti, 8 jam terolang aling melawan ombak, 8 jam yang penuh mencabar. i've tasted them all, and worse, i've got severe sunburn. but it was all worth, when we arrived OBS safely. thanx to my partner also, our momentum joined together and created a great teamwork.
Kayak, don't let me see you for the next few years. i've had enough. adios.
2. Trekking expedition
From across the sea, we went up the hills. do not dare to speak of break. there's no break. fullstop. before we headed for the next campsite (again), we learned how to read compass and map. or in other word, orienteering. and later that afternoon, we walked hands-in-hands, singing joyfully, to Sri Batik campsite. okay, that's a bluff. no hands-in-hands, no singing. just a heavy backpack, and tired faces.
The night in Sri Batik was quite relaxing, despite having a double awareness to leeches. we've enjoyed our moment with sharing session, quizzes, hearing tests, and not to be forgotten, heart-to-heart talk. and surprisingly, our instructor was quite an open-minded person.
At this point, we started to get closer. geng Korbu dah mula membuka rahsia, bertukar cerita, dan rasa seperti keluarga. malam melabuhkan tirai dengan senyum dan gelak tawa.
But when rain started to pour heavily in dawn, we started to feel uneasy. even the tent flooded, and our backpack drenched. but we've got no choice, after the rain stopped pouring, we started off our trekking.
There were basically 3 peaks we need to track, with full loaded backpack, we move forward with the help of compass, map and knife. and the hardest part besides the mudslide was fighting with leeches. but i do not have time to care, just accepting the kiss some of them managed to give me. hey, at least, i've got some lovebites, the first ever in my life.
Given the opportunity to become closer with mother nature, it was something i will cherish forever. mission impossible #2 ended with some difficulties, but it made me realize that i prefer kayaking than trekking. Broga, you now can be outlisted from my incomplete mission.
3. Whaling expedition
Whaling, originally from the word whale, tapi tak bermaksud aktiviti ini memerlukan seekor paus untuk ditunggangi atau yang sewaktu dengannya. it came from the whale-hunting activity, where once upon a time, the hunters at that time use boat, sails, and spears to hunt the whale, with the help of wind, and tides.
Of course, when there is no wind, we need to row, for the whaler (the name of the boat) to move forward. its just the same as kayak, bezanya cuma whaler memerlukan kekuatan sepasukan, while kayak needs only a couple. romantik gitu.
The bigger the boat is, the more complicated it gets to handle it. that was what we feel with whaler. there are 3 types of sails need to be controlled in the whaler, and a lot of rope-tying and rowing took place. but the journey to go to Pulau Rumbia was more relaxing, thanks to the wind.
We need no rowing, and just enjoying the moment in the boat, having a sharing and singing session. feels like heaven. dan aku tak kisah memperdengarkan suara sumbang aku kepada mereka. harap mereka tak kisah mendengarnya juga.
Arriving Pulau Rumbia, the feeling gets more heavenly. hey, it felt like vacation. the island was beautiful. the water was clear, and the weather was nice. it was the best camping (yes, camping again, not surprised anymore) of all, despite having no proper toilets.
We've had a nice night at Rumbia, saving our energy for the journey back to OBS the next day, dan tiada siapa tahu, kami yang relax, steady dan playful boleh dirasuk hantu keesokan harinya.
Yeah, the next day filled with energy, spirit and fire. we rowed all the time, and yeay! we managed to arrive first. everyone was so proud of themselves. and i loved the team. mission impossible #3, accomplished! 
That night was actually the very last night in Lumut. and we had a bbq night, which was the best part. not only because of each and every expedition has been completed without much difficulties, but because something happened. i fell in love.
Okay, just kidding. just kidding.
That night we need to perform, and of course, singing was the easiest. well, i've never liked malam kebudayaan ever, so the presentation, i can say, just so-so. but the food, was awesome. it seems like we've had enough sardines and chicken curry during camping, so we enjoyed the food much.
The night didn't end just like that. malam masih muda, maka kami memutuskan untuk clubbing. bertemankan bayu laut dan bunyi ombak, berbumbungkan bulan dan bintang, medley lagu-lagu disumbangkan sambil diiringi petikan gitar akustik dari instructor pelatih yang kacak. eh?
And it was a wonderful night. hati berbunga, jelingan mata, dan rasa yang istimewa. okay, sila bagi penampar kepada aku sekarang.
Well, the last night ended sweetly and wrapped up beautifully, making all the memories worth remembering. the goodbye was the hardest, full of mixed feelings, between happy (that the training has ended) and sad (maybe for me only). a lot of things we've learnt there, and for me, i've gotten to know myself better, and i was proud of myself.
Thanx to geng Korbu, En Ramlan the instructor, the friends, the team, the partner, the sea, the sun, the wind, and the mother nature. Thank you Allah, for creating such a wonderful earth i've gotten to explore.
the fresh faces before the sunburn. well, good job lumut, now i'm afraid of mirrors.
geng Korbu, after skin transformation
A piece of advice from me, if you cannot avoid it, let's just enjoy it. that is how i survived, till the end.
p/s : cintaku tertinggal di lumut. (^,^)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

i survived

Truthfully, i just went back from woods/islands. Still in the process of adapting in civilization, and not intended to write an essay of my experiences in lumut.

Maybe next entry, coz there's a lot of good memories i gained and feel obliged to share them here. For now, let's make a grateful list.

Yes, i am much grateful and thankful to Allah past week. There's a lot of fun things happened, happiness overload, flowery feelings and besides surviving the outward bound programme, i also survived in saving my degree level.

Indeed, third time brings me luck.

And i just started a new life, being a participant of PPA, a student of sunway, a temporary resident of monash, a future employee of ey, and a future candidate of acca. Hopefully, everything went well and smooth. And hopefully, i will survive throughout these journey of life.

Nothing is impossible, that is what i've learnt from obs, and i will hold into it till the end.

Till then, lets just move along.

Oh, meet my new (temporary) home, sunway monash residence. Classy much, right.

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