Wednesday, September 19, 2012

scumbag brain

me suddenly thinking of one incident, that happens not so long ago. that cracks me up, by myself.
me, and two of my friends, D and F, were walking to D's car at the parking lot, when suddenly we realized, D didn't lock her car the whole hours we were away.
D : i knew it! how can i be so careless.
me : sokay. lets get out of here. its dark, and creepy. (yes, parking lot is one of the creepiest place ever)
we went inside the car and suddenly...
F : wait! what is somebody happens to sneak in and stay still, in the...BOOT?
me and D turned to F who is sitting at the back. and we can't help having goosebumps. of course, we cursed slightly at F's words.
F : sokay. lets drive away. and when we reach a bumper, hit it hard so we can know if there is really 'anything' back in the boot.
and we cracked upon hearing that. F and her reckless thoughts...
but still, we hit the bumper hard while staying silent to hear if any sound produces. luckily, nothing happened. its just us, and our silly imagination.
yes, sometimes, we cant help but think stupidly. everyone does.

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