Wednesday, September 12, 2012

life is a drama

Who doesn't love dramas? I've watched (and still watching) tonnes of dramas in my life. And being an analyst (or i thought i am), there are few types of drama you would caught on screen.

There are dramas that started with a good vibe. Well, first impression is good. They'll keep us wanting more, but slowly, they'll turn sour in the middle. And leave us cursing through the end.

There are dramas that started in slow pace. You would find it boring at first. But somehow, the mood twisted in time, and our hearts changed. And slowly, leave us smiling through the end.

There are dramas that we were really anticipating. Even before the airing. They'll keep us waiting eagerly for the start, but when they really came out, the results are not up to our expectations. And leave us a frustrated heart.

There are dramas that we don't really give a damn. Even when everyone in town talked about it, even when others really loved it, we teases, saying they're not our genre. But when we happened to stuck with them anyway, love struck, and we have to admit, they are good.

There are dramas that keep on twisting and tangling, giving us confusion and hearts fluttering.

Yet, there are also dramas that are straight forward. From the beginning, each plot is foreseen, and run smooth as we expected.

And do you know, that there is a drama, called life?

Yes, life is a drama.

Sometimes it started well, but ended badly.

Sometimes it gives a storm in the beginning, but leaves a rainbow at the end.

Sometimes we get what we expected, others we will be disappointed.

Life can be twisted, or straight forward.

Either way, we are no one to decide.

We can't tell. No one can.

Yes, life is a drama.

Anticipate it.

p/s: i watched dramas in my life. I watched dramas in my drama. I watched dramas in drama?? Huh?? Inception??

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