Saturday, September 22, 2012

answer me 1997 (part 2)

I admit, when i love something, i obsessed much. to the extend that i may do the craziest thing i can imagine.

My obsession towards this drama; lets say, i watch raw - read recaps - watch subbed version.

That is how obsessed i can get. now, lets continue with the narrations for the rest of the episodes.

Episode 9 : The thread of fate

They say that people are born with a red string that they can’t see, tied to their pinky fingers, and the end is tied to the one you’re fated to be with. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end.

The tangles created by everyone’s threads. If I continue to untangle everything, I, too will end up meeting the person I am fated to be with. If a red thread really does exist in fate, who is at the end of my red thread?
Yoon Yoon Jae

Episode 10 : The reason i like you

The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for long time. For love that′s breaking our hearts.
Kang Jun Hee

Episode 11 : The definition of relationship

We expect different things, look towards different directions, and dream of different dreams. The things that happen between a man and a woman are full of continuous love and war. We turn our backs, and then console each other. We fight and make up. We give each other pain and hugs. A relationship like a manic-depressive patient who can’t make up his mind. But the hardest thing about the relationship between a man and a woman is the timing—if the love doesn’t begin at the same time, it’s unlikely to ever begin at all.

Then, there is one other kind that is more annoying. The one relationship you can’t ever shake, no matter how sick and tired you get, that leads to a lifetime of tears: Family.
Yoon Yoon Jae

Episode 12 : The meaning of a hand

The reason why the teenage years are a stressful period is because we don’t know the answers yet. What I really want. Who really loves me. Who I really love.  The time of life when I tumble here and there, searching for the answers. And then in the end, the moment when I figure out the answers to everything like a miracle… we had already become adults, and been doing big and small things.
Sung Shi Won

Episode 13 : Next time... No, now.

There is no other desperate time than now. It’s because ‘later’ might never come. To talk about a ‘Maybe next time’ instead of the ‘Now’ that’s right in front of us, our lives aren’t that long.

If you give up on now because of laziness or a lack of courage, there is no hope of another opportunity. If you love now, the best timing is right now. Approach it before it’s too late. And confess right now, because you don’t know what will happen later. The next opportunity may never come.
Yoon Yoon Jae

Episode 14 : The heart is what makes you love

Liking someone is not a matter of choice. It’s something the heart makes you do.

You just don’t know who in life is loving you. You just don’t know.
Kang Jun Hee
Episode 15 : While you were in love
But liking someone isn’t something that you can control like a light switch, turning it on and off. Once it’s on, it does’t turn off.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Episode 16 : The reason why first loves don't come true
Even if you bring a lion into a beautiful meadow, that doesn’t mean he’ll give up meat and start eating carrots. No matter what the surroundings are, a lion is a lion, and a rabbit is a rabbit.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Make enough money and just as many memories. There’s nothing worth more than memories.
Sung Do Il
First love. The reason why first love is so beautiful isn’t because first love itself is beautiful. During that time, we had our youth - which wasn’t vicious, me - who was overly innocent, and you - who was uncontrollably passionate. And… because we already knew that we would never be able to go back to our youthful, innocent, and passionate times.
First love is thoughtless. If you don’t calculate and just throw your innocence and passion at it, it’ll end up failing. But that’s why it’s dramatic. The thoughtless stories, mixed with the emotions and warmth that can never be retrieved again. That why first love is my life’s most dramatic story. Therefore, failure is even okay. Instead of a happy ending, a sad ending remains in the memory longer. So it’s okay to leave even just one sad ending of a failed first love in one small portion of my life.
First love is a season. When it passes, it’s gone. Now it’s time to greet the new season and give it a chance for a new romance. Even though we’ll never experience the warmth and innocence from a first love, we have to wait for the romance of an adult, after being matured from the pain of first love.
The person who waits can only dream of love.
And the person, who waits, will miraculously recognize the love that comes one more time.
When romance ends, life takes over. Innocence gets dirtied, passion dies out, and youth starts getting old. So the innocent period of first love wears out and becomes a past event. That’s why it seems like first love never comes true. No one talks about the success of a first love.
Yoon Yoon Jae
credit : dramabeans & enewsworld
Yes, the drama has ended. flawlessly.
And now i can have a normal life back again.
I wish.
p/s : i will be away, for some time. and will start a life. hopefully, i will make it through. can't wait to put myself back in the society. daa...

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