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answer me 1997 (part 1)

I've always loved quotes. the emotion, the poetic, the beautiful meaning, they always caught me off-guard. i love reading novels with good quotes. i love watching movies with good quotes. and sometimes, i do make my own quotes. i spread it all over my twitter, and i got too emotional whenever the quotes get retweeted.
feel like a boss. teehee.
but now, i wanna share with you, my current passion. the drama i've gotten too attached to, past few weeks. the drama, which blooms with quotes, that has received my love, unconditionally.
Reply 1997 (some says Answer Me 1997). and yes, it's korean.
it's actually a sitcom (because of the short airing time), revolves around a group of teenagers in the 90's. friendship, love, family, love illusion, journey to adulthood, life, they are all blended and mixed beautifully by the writer. yeah, full credit should be given to the writer who was able to write a perfect portrayal of life.
and at the end of each episode, the character narrates some beautiful sayings, which i have fallen into, and gonna share it here.  
Episode 1 : Eighteen
The age of 18, we fall in love easily, and worry too much about little things. the age of 18. the adults usually say at our age, we laugh at the simplest things. but at that time, we were serious. it was intense and harder than other adults.
Sung Shi Won
Episode 2 : Slowly changing
The age of 18. we were growing up, and therefore changing from each other. at the same time, we had to confront another growing pain, that of accepting others.
The law of maturity. a boy becomes a man, and a girl becomes a woman. but the problem is when a boy who grows into a man, and the girl is still a girl. when the timing is wrong…
Yoon Yoon Jae
Episode 3 : Things are not always what they seem.
A secret refers to something i don't know about others. As i find out what i've believed isn't the truth, secrets become even more secretive.
A person’s heart is unlimited. you can’t know how deep it is or where it ends. even though you fight and are ready to kill each other, you end up being affectionate as if nothing happened. even the most confident men can end up becoming idiots in front of the opposite sex.

Yes, the truth is uncomfortable. but if we don’t address the discomfort of the truth, we’ll have to live as the humans who believe something fake is actually real. we must embrace the uncomfortable truth as well. things aren’t always what they seem.
Sung Shi Won
Episode 4 : Fair play
When you like someone, the doors toward her appear in the side and the back. but if you don’t knock, they won’t open. if you stay still, you’ll never get what you want. now, there is no such thing as fair play.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Episode 5 : Life's counterattack
Life comes and attacks you when you least expect it. it might be sadness, or extreme fear. at that moment, what we can do is accept reality and admit we lost. we dont know how life will turn out. there is  no way we can avoid it. we just have to face it, and get hurt once in a while. but at times, life gives us presents that make our hearts flutter, and makes sure that when we experience pain, it exchanges with happiness.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Episode 6 : Love makes you do things you've never done before.
The easiest thing we can do for the person we love is to throw ourselves away. the strength to do things that aren’t in our nature—that’s love.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Episode 7 : Future dream
Future dreams are about reachable, nearby dreams—a career you can attain and make a living doing. who’ll take responsibility if you waste your life on an unattainable dream? that’s why a person has to be content with a close dream. if you chase after a dream that’s far away, your heart will hurt and your insides will burn. a futile passion only leaves heartache. that’s why they say life’s stupidest thing is a one-sided love. but just because everyone says one-sided love is doomed, you can’t give up before you even start, and worry about how you’ll eat and live. more important than what you can do is what you want to do. so let’s start with that. you only live once.
A person needs to be satisfied with a goal that is near them. aiming for something so far away is only greed and will cause so much pain. it’ll only end up as a scar in your heart. that’s why the stupidest thing you can do in the world is love one-sidedly. but the reason why that stupid one-sided love is worthy trying is because sometimes that passion creates miracles and sometimes it comes true after going around and around. it also offers chances to get close to that dream, even if that dream itself is impossible to achieve. 
Yoon Tae Woong
Episode 8 : D-Day
During WWII, to end this tiresome war, the Allied Forces attacked the German Forces. planned as a night attack, it was named D-Day. to prepare for this decisive D-Day, strategies must be perfect. you must know exactly where your enemies are. you must understand your enemies. you must be able to read your enemies' mind. you must not be careless, thinking you've prepared perfectly. on D-Day, there is only victory, or failure. my life’s first D-Day. November 18, 1998. i had prepare perfectly, but it ended in failure. the cause of defeat: reconnaissance failure.
Yoon Yoon Jae
Its only half of the drama and this post had already be this long. didnt planned to write much longer (well, its just a copy and paste though), so, i'll stop here. be right back, or in internet slang, brb.
p/s : i only posted out the narrating part, because i felt the most emotion during that part. oh i love this drama so much, couldn't help but to make it part of my farrakaka.

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