Monday, July 30, 2012

what did i do during my free time

i have a lot of free time, i mean, currently, all of my time is free. while others spent their valuable time to go for job hunting or working, or training, these are what i did to kill those time.

#1. lying on my bed. youtubeing. interneting. downloading. tagging tagging. poking poking. flirting flirting. heh, thats not funny.

well, i have a very longggg list of blogs and webs that i always view, and keep on viewing the updates. that makes me couldn't even take my hands off of my kyushiba or q-ace. my bestfriend now, i could tell its the unifi. boo me.

#2. trying to clean the house. as the only sweet daughter of the house (as for now), i have got the feeling to take responsibility for the cleanliness and tidiness of the house.

but the feelings will be easily defeated by the awesomeness of unifi. but don't blame only me. believe me, it would take forever to get this house back on its acceptable view. it requires a lot of energy and determination, which i do not really have, apparently.

#3. trying to convert my imagination into the form of writing. well, i do have a lot of imagination, to the extend that it could be turned into a novel, or more. yeah, i love to daydream, enough said.

so i tried, and those pre-writing ended up to be a piece of s**t. and i gave up. bahah.

i'd stick to be a reader, not an author. thank you.

#4. being an anti-social. owh, i've said that on previous entry, so lets move to

#5. at last, i realized that sitting at home all day long is boring. so, when dija proposed me to accompany her and having a one-day walk in malacca, i agreed, despite the fact that i am broke.

and yesterday, was the day of me tanning myself after hiding from the sun for quite a long time.

pantai hopping and beach-view fast-breaking. awesome.

i love beach so much. i think i've said it a lot of time before. but i wanna said it again and again. the sound of wave, the view, the feeling when both of your feet touches the sand, barefooted, and the refreshing cool breeze, they are all awesome.

i wish i have a house built near beach. *daydreaming mode turned on*

okay, enough till here, before i'm getting deeper in daydream.

*waves hand*

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