Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wednesday rant

its already wednesday. and nope, this isn't wordless wednesday.

its been a week since i left uni life. and my one week life being an ex-uitm student, is me, being me. just me.

"a lone ranger who talks to herself, rant alone with herself and living in her own little world"

yeah, thats me.

and that is why i hate being separated with my buddies. coz i knew that things will turn like this. a place i called home is such a creepy place. it made me lazying around, doing nothing and withdrawing from the society. doesnt even bother to feel the sun or breathe the fresh outdoor air.

and i'm telling you a secret, because this were foreseeable, that is why i cracked during the tearjerking goodbye session in the rain a week ago. yeah, a goodbye, in the rain, with tears. dramatic enough, huh? i wouldnt forget that moment, ever. its true that the goodbye is just temporary, we'll still have time to meet up, to catch up someday but it'll never be the same. never be the same with what we have gone through for four years, together. later, we'll be busy with our own life, chasing our own dreams, and only time, will tell.

life is adventurous, isnt it? but i ain't gonna need a time machine. going back to the past doubling the hardest part you have faced. and travelling to the future skips the sweetest moment that you could have enjoyed. thus, people, we aint gonna need a time machine.

and well, i guess i will just keep myself in mystery. thats the adventure in me.

p/s : but i hope to see myself being a regular blog-writer back. i mean, i have abandoned my lovely farrakaka for quite a long time, so, maybe its time for recharging.


Kuncup Here said...

Blog some more! Haha I miss your writing!


I almost cry while reading your post. Touchy isk :(

farah hazwani said...

haha. kuncup sentiasa memberi semangat.

thank you.