Friday, July 6, 2012

too cool

last week, before entering the exam hall, a friend of mine who was so nervous told me that i am cool. she kept questioning why do i look so in relax mode even before final exam.

cool? define cool.

and past two days, my roomate who was also nervously studying for her killing paper, asked a question "boleh tak aku nak berpoya poya tengok laptop kejap?"

and i answered, "don't refrain yourself. just do whatever you wish."

that is cool. too cool i guess.

kenyataannya, aku masih rasa nervous, di mana mana saja. tapi aku suka berlagak cool. dan mungkin bijak berlagak cool. but one thing for sure, i will never refrain myself from doing everything that i like. even though it is not in the right time.

just like how i spent 3 days at home doing nothing, lazying around and screwing myself when i know i should have studied for another 4 final exam papers that awaits me.

that is way too crazy not too cool.

 p/s : aku juga melatah macam nenek nenek kalau ada barang jatuh. maka, aku bukanlah seorang yang cool.

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