Friday, June 29, 2012

me, being sentimental

just wanna blog about it. the first final exam paper i took yesterday.

the first feeling i got on the final examination of my degree. my very last examination in uitm. the feeling when you feel u have studied enough (in my case, just enough for me to pass) and the feeling when you read those questions, and you know what you should answer. the feeling when you dont have enough time to answer (or maybe just enough time, on the dot), and that is because you continuosly writing whatever you feel you should write, not because you waste your time daydreaming, observing people, or going to toilet. the feeling when you submit your paper, with satisfaction, and a smile (a bitter smile though).

i got the feel. and i hope the feeling lasts, for another 17 days, at least.

to tell you the truth, i havent feel those feelings for quite a long time. be it the last exam i sat approximately one year ago, and neither on those test papers i've sat throughout this final sem. i just lost my soul somewhere all this while.

thank god, i found it again, in the very last minute, of coz.

but i still got many big troubles in studying. *sigh*

oh, and not forgetting, that feeling when you eliminating those notes that are no more needed in your university life. farewell. hope not to see you again. teehee.

p/s : condolences to my brother's dream of entering the final showdown. just not the time yet. but still, congratulations on being the top 5 crew in 2012.

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