Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome back, student

A week has passed since the first day of new sem. And i'm officially a part 8 student. Final year. Super senior. Taiko. Otai. (ok, enough. They got ur point).

A week has passed but I am still in the middle of adapting. Trying to blend in. (as the matter of fact, i'm still in denial mode, not accepting the fact that I have to be a student, back). Duh, why is it so hard?

So I figure out that i've to do something. Though some matters still haven't settled down yet, I made a promise to myself, that by the end of this first week, I will make myself a student. A normal student.

And as for my observation, a normal student means :

#1. wake up for classes, sleep whenever appropriate at leisure

#2. google is ur bestfriend

#3. study if and only if the mood has come

#4. do assignment if and only if the mood has come

#5. last minute work is a must

For me, point #3 and #4 are unsurprisingly impossible, which then lead to point #5.

Welcome back, student life. (i miss pwc very much. I miss using my brain only from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. tsk tsk)

stop whining.

Oh, whining also is a student's bestfriend, so its okay to whine, sometimes.

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