Saturday, March 24, 2012

Malaysian Soft Skills Scale

I just answered a questionnaire by KPTM a.k.a MOHE, consists of 200 questions. 200. 200!

It tests on my level of soft skills. and guess what, the report is as below.

pheww, overall report is unfavourable. Tidak Mencapai Tahap. in other words, i failed. FAILED.

do i need to repeat this paper too?

* i am aware of my low level of soft skills. guess i haven't done much to improve myself on that. and with the above kind of result, a scary thought slipped my mind. will i ever survive in this corporate (kinda) of world i've chosen? but who cares? the future's not us to see. que sera sera.

and it's just a questionnaire. who answers a questionnaire (of 200) in full heart?

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