Thursday, March 8, 2012

karam aku di lautan duka

just a short update. i know it's 2 am already, and i've to wake up early in the morn to travel back to shah alam. and yes, i'm at bt caves currently.

life's being rough to me these days. too rough. too many things to settle down yet is seems like the time is hating me much, by being uncooperative. i blamed the time, and i cursed myself for being in the middle of this time.

if you don't get what i mean, i'll give you a hint. say, you're a graduating student, and you've imagine that everything will went smooth just like prior semesters, but it happened to be at this moment that all the systems and policies have just undergone a very huge changes, and you've becoming the victim. oh, and that's a very big hint.

i'm going down, down, and down.

and drowned.

p/s : hidup aku terumbang ambing umpama sampan terolang aling di laut china selatan. sudahlah sesat dihanyutkan ombak, ditimpa hujan lebat pula. siapa kata malang tidak mungkin bertimpa timpa?


Kuncup Here said...

I am drowning too. Help :(

farah hazwani said...

Come to the rescue!!!