Sunday, January 8, 2012

three and twenty

"You are three and twenty,"Mrs. Foxglove continued. "A spinster, to be sure, but we might be able to find a man who would deign to take you."

Ellie ignored her.
Brighter than the sun, Julia Quinn

Thanks to syud, she inspired me to buy a piece of Julia Quinn where the truth is, i wasn't so absorbed to english fiction before.

but this piece is brilliant. i couldn't wait to be in the train to read. and i slept at 3 last night, just to finish it. it reminds me of my teenage time where i was an active reader and wouldn't stop flipping the pages till i reached the last page of the book. err, novel, to be precise.

and i am so gonna buy a lot more julia quinn later. kinokuniya, wait for me.

p/s : this year i'm turning three and twenty. should i be called a spinster?

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