Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lone ranger

Lately, I spent most of my time by myself. I'm being moody by myself. I'm being grumpy by myself. I'm being sentimental emotional by myself. I'm a loner, yeah, that's true.

It's not like I am an anti-social. It's just that I kinda love doing things by myself. It satisfied me enough. I've been to cinema alone couple of times. Sometimes I do shop alone. And not to mention, as I grew up being a homey person, I did enjoy my own sweet time at home, just by myself.

It gives a different feeling, but still, being with besties and buddies is more enjoyable.

And as for my 4 days off of cny I'm having currently, a lone ranger like me should most likely spend the whole time at home, alone, while the others enjoying the holiday socializing themselves.

Forever alone. Boo.

p/s : sometimes, I talk to myself, too.

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