Sunday, January 29, 2012

boy next door's wedding

I always love weddings. correction, i love being a busybody in someone else's wedding. i don't like attending a wedding, eat, chit-chat and just sit without nothing to do. luckily, it's my neighbour's wedding, so i have a  conrete reason to be shameless pacing to and fro finding anything to work out.

it's tiring, but i love it. weird me.

and speaking of the wedding, the bride and groom are actually my seniors in highschool. 10 years of relationship finally brought them to knot a halal tie. who says puppy love won't last forever? and remind me to ask them on the tips of long-lasting relation.

home-made cake. anyone interested? pm me, i can deal with the cook.
and yes, that's my highschool logo.

blue is such a popular theme.
already thinking of ice blue theme. jangan curi.

the newly wed. he's older than me by a year.
guess that i've to get ready next year. keke.

gerakan anak dara pinggiran.
of course, lead by me.

now that a lot of people around me are getting married, i feel old. duh, i'm already old! scary fact. but heyy, lets face the reality, people grow, age getting up year by year, wrinkles lining, fat increasing and oh pleaseeee, i dont wanna grow up!

still, nature is invinsible. *sigh.

i'm gonna wrap up here before i get more hysterical. so, newly wed, have a good and happy married life, till forever. get a kid, and named her farah, so she will grow up beautifully, like me. hehe.

p/s :  happy birthday to my older brother. ur same-age friend above has married. u'd better fast or i might become a spinster.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lone ranger

Lately, I spent most of my time by myself. I'm being moody by myself. I'm being grumpy by myself. I'm being sentimental emotional by myself. I'm a loner, yeah, that's true.

It's not like I am an anti-social. It's just that I kinda love doing things by myself. It satisfied me enough. I've been to cinema alone couple of times. Sometimes I do shop alone. And not to mention, as I grew up being a homey person, I did enjoy my own sweet time at home, just by myself.

It gives a different feeling, but still, being with besties and buddies is more enjoyable.

And as for my 4 days off of cny I'm having currently, a lone ranger like me should most likely spend the whole time at home, alone, while the others enjoying the holiday socializing themselves.

Forever alone. Boo.

p/s : sometimes, I talk to myself, too.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

three and twenty

"You are three and twenty,"Mrs. Foxglove continued. "A spinster, to be sure, but we might be able to find a man who would deign to take you."

Ellie ignored her.
Brighter than the sun, Julia Quinn

Thanks to syud, she inspired me to buy a piece of Julia Quinn where the truth is, i wasn't so absorbed to english fiction before.

but this piece is brilliant. i couldn't wait to be in the train to read. and i slept at 3 last night, just to finish it. it reminds me of my teenage time where i was an active reader and wouldn't stop flipping the pages till i reached the last page of the book. err, novel, to be precise.

and i am so gonna buy a lot more julia quinn later. kinokuniya, wait for me.

p/s : this year i'm turning three and twenty. should i be called a spinster?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Live for today

I studied for exam, not for future.

I worked for money, not for living.

I get paid for lump-sum expenditure, not for savings.

I fell in love for the sake of temporary feelings, not for-ever.

Worse than worst, I live for today, not for tomorrow.

When will I get a better way of living? *sigh

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolusi 2012

3 things I could think of in 2012 :

#1. Finishing school. Can't wait.

#2. Get a work. A good one, of course.

#3. Grab a passport. Ai ai, going where? Adele... (read : ade lerr..)


I didnt ask much, neither do I put a hope too much. (i am actually afraid of hoping too much, and planning too ahead) But I just wish, whatever happens, I will make it through, without much whine and regret. Amiin.

Happy new year, everyone.

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hai hai