Monday, December 12, 2011

part 1

5 things i wish for after watching twilight breaking dawn : part 1

#1. a house made of glass in the woods. near the stream.

#2. a wedding full of white, and flowers. but not in the woods (atau ladang kelapa sawit, bak kata eryn)

#3. a honeymoon in a private island. not to mention, a beautiful traditional guest house by the sea.

#4. a good best friend, as best as jacob.

#5. a loving husband, as loving as edward. not romantic is ok, caring is more than enough.

but i don't wanna be bella swan. pfth.

i still can't believe that at last, i managed to watch the movie. call me outdated, but since i was busy working, i was too lazy to catch what's new in cinema. and what's new in cinema doesn't really attract me now, i'm not a movie-maniac.

the best part of it, i am surrounded by a group of nice people. part 2 will be continued, after i snatch some pictures uploaded by them.

Being any kind of happy is better than being miserable over someone you can't have.

edited 31/12/2011, 2345 : part 2, here. (credit, wandidib)

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