Tuesday, December 27, 2011

of the letter Q, and its significances in my life

My toshiba notebook, I called him Q-shiba.

My samsung galaxy ace handphone, I called him Q-ace.

My future husband imaginary boyfriend named Kyuhyun (read : Q-hyun).

And next year, being the last part of my degree, insyaAllah, I would be placed in AC2208Q.

Hopefully, me and my friends could go through this last semester with not much problem. It's a sad that we're gonna separate for this last sem, but being in a different path does not change the fact that we're actually run for the same finishing line - a degree certificate to be reached. So, just keep on moving and don't stop supporting each other.

Coz in the end, a clan would always stick as a clan.

p/s : blogger-droid upgraded version is much better than before. I'm liking it, though I still hope for more changes.

edited : and yeah, i love the letter Q very much. very very much.

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diba zakaria said...

never thought life gonna separate us this way :(

farah hazwani said...

we're still in the same uni. the same fac. and the same place lah.

haha. dramatic life.