Sunday, December 4, 2011

most amazing

named most amazing live in malaysia. the most amazing thing about this concert is only the line-up. Miss A, f(x), B1A4 and the most amazing super junior.

the rest, still a long way to improvise (referring to organizer).

i am so eager to stand beside kyuhyun that i was actually covering b1a4.
sorry, jinyoungie.

yeah, i went to that concert. am not expecting much because i bought the not so expensive numbered seat ticket (yet is still costs a lot) so when i've seated, it saddened me to see a lot of wasted unoccupied space in front. rule no 1 : please avoid open stadium when u're not expecting people will buy expensive tickets just to see the artists so far away.

it brings to rule no 2 : if u're gonna fill up the stadium, please reduce the ticket price. not all malaysian are kind enough wasting money for entertainment (me, exception. i love wasting money). and we're not rich either.

in this case, quantity is needed. if i was the performer (who knows, someday. keke), i would be sad to see a lot of empty space but yet they still give us the best show ever. rule no 3 : massive promotion is a must when it comes to a concert.

nevertheless, thanks to organizer for your good job bringing them here. it's okay with all the lacking yesterday, there is always room for improvement. (and me also is improving my financial status for a lot more upcoming concerts). i know it's not an easy job to bring global artists in here so u guys deserve an applaud for that. keep on ur good job and improvise.

and what am i doing here whining and complaining? i did have a great time yesterday. enjoyed myself much seeing my boys rock the stage. cheering, chanting and scream my heart out loud despite the sore throat i was having at the moment. and enjoyed myself as much as i can. did i say enjoyed twice?

artists line-up : B1A4, Suju, f(x) and Miss A
see, told ya there's a huge gap there. wasted and pity much.

truthfully, in the two previous concerts i've attended before, i did not behave in a concert-mannerly because i was so busy taking pictures of them and did not have space to enjoy myself much. but yesterday, thanks to the not-so-close-up view, i wasn't able to snap a single perfect picture so i decided to sit back, relax and having fun being a fan-girl. it was fun. really fun.

and i did record some videos as the token of MOA memories but i was so embarrassed of myself when i playback the videos. too much fan-girl shout out, especially when it's kyuhyun's time. can't help myself from loving you, kyu. even the cute young jinyoung also can't compete with you, yet.

to complete the excitement of me yesterday, i am actually one of the lucky person who get an autographed poster, daebakk! on top of it, i got a poster signed by super junior, all members. worth my effort squeezing the crowd just to grab the poster.

proud face

yeah, it's just a poster. a biodegradable thing. but thinking that the boys actually hold the poster, put their hands on the poster, and who knows, kiss it (haha, no wayy, that's too much), it satisfied me enough. yeah, i'm crazy like this. a simple thing like this can actually makes me crazy.

close-up, kyuhyun's signature.
kyu actually put his hand here.
and kissing this part would make me kiss kyuhyun's hand, indirectly.
no, don't imagine. i did not kiss the poster okeh.
at least, not yet. haha.

crazy fangirl. *sigh.

life couldn't get better (am listening to 'miracle' now, just randomly put the lyric here. coincidence, suits much). i'm savoring the thing i enjoyed the most. don't know whether i can stop the craziness. or might as well should not stop. it's my own preference though.

and again, thanks to those who has been working hard to make this concert a real success.

p/s : praying hard for ss4 in malaysia. and i will surely grab the vip ticket.


Anonymous said...

da agak da ko mesti pegi ;P

farah hazwani said...

mestilah pegi. aku kan suka membazir. keke.

aznee yunos said...

hye. new reader here hehe. g erk? best kan..

farah hazwani said...


best2. tp tak puas sgt lah. hehe.

btw, thanx for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

yela owg duit banyak...nk wt ape lg kn ngan duit slain dri membazir hahahah...

Anonymous said...

yela owg duit banyak...nk wt ape lg kn ngan duit slain dri membazir hahahah...

farah hazwani said...

makin besar periuk makin besar keraknya, maka makin banyak duit makin banyak habisnya.


Anonymous said...

hahha...gler r sjak2 jadi wanita bekerjaya nie da pandai bpantun hahha..