Thursday, December 1, 2011

goodbye november, hello december

i don't really remember since when did i start counting days like hell. worklife makes me suddenly concerned for something i don't really bother to care before.

and seems like it's a must saying goodbye to prior month and welcoming new moon month. (nampak sangat takde life, so tiap tiap bulan update benda yang sama je. *bowringg). november started with a bit of sweet, not really sweet in between and ended with a blast. i could say that november doesn't run smoothly as i had dreamed. yeah, i dream, i do not plan. nevertheless, november is still my favourite.

towards the end, i lost an intern-partner, gain a cute birthday-smurf-cupcake and a promotion. i am officially a senior-intern now, heuheuheu.

farewell, yi xin.


thank you, team.

p/s : i don't think i can stop doing what i'm doing now. might not be able to get a long holiday. am still considering about it. workaholic? naa...

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