Saturday, November 5, 2011

thank you

Ni hou!

had a great night yesterday. loving my department. really appreciate their enthusiasm. so touched on how they never leave us behind that we can finally be part of this. 

the shanghai night at kl convention centre. credit to pihak penaja for the dress. ya, saya seorang artis sebab tu ada sponsor.

my name in chinese calligraphy. a colleague said that it's a name of a famous chinese actress. see, told ya i'm a celebrity. (or at least adalah tempias tempias artis kena sikit kat aku)

ole ole from shanghai. really love this picture. berbaloi aku tebalkan muka berposing over depan ramai orang. hewhewhew. oh, nak sign?

the cool :-
#1. the food. 100% chinese dish, the halal one of course. and delicious. it's a pity that i'm not an expert in chopsticks. kalau pakai chopstick baru boleh rasa feel shanghai night sepenuhnya.

#2. the organizer. this isn't a mere dinner. the committee surely know what is entertainment. before the dinner starts we're enjoying ourselves outside the ballroom. photo taking booth - where i took the gorgeous picture above, fortune teller booth - the q was so long that we gave up halfway and calligraph booth as well.

#3. the performances. ning baizura in the house. and serena c mcing the dinner very well.

the not so cool :-
#1. my bad eyesight. last minute preparations made me forget to buy lens. so i have to wear specs, which made me less *cough*elegant*cough*.

#2. the blisters. the heels killed my foot. not to mention, last minute preparations also made me wear 3 years age heels. should have throw them away by now.

#3. the half-drunk mat salih. taulah air free. luckily u're still sane enough to behave. 

truth, we're just so lucky. thank you very much, seniors and managers.

p/s : unfortunately, group photos are not in my hands. T T 


diba zakaria said...

best best best

farah hazwani said...

Jgn jeles. Heuheuheu. Nti aku kawen ak buat tema cmni nk.

Anonymous said...


sy4zk4rin said...

jgn gatal2 nak wat tema ni bile ko kawen..susah aku nk cari baju nk seswai kan dgn tema..klo mmg aku keje kt shanghai leh la aku usha2 cheongsam yg cntik2..

farah hazwani said...

Aku nk wat tema sakura night la. Sopan sket x berbelah. Haha. hanbok night pn not bad gak.