Saturday, November 19, 2011

lol, damon's apology

damon salvatore is an emotionless bad-jerk who will never feel guilty for whatever he did, be it right or wrong. thus, he never apologize.

and on tvd episode 7, i cracked out on this one scene where damon made it to an apology to ghost mason lockwood, for killing him.

lol at alaric's "are you incapable of remorse". don't you know ric, he is.

and i burst out loud again when he recycled that same crap ass apology he gave mason to alaric. damon, you are funny!

nice of saturday, at last, i am able to sit back, relax, and find my own sweet time doing tvd marathon. (which i found out pretty much amusing than being in cinema paying 10 bucks for god who knows what crap story will it turned out to be).

yeah, of course i know tvd also has it's own twisted story-line, but i can actually forgive that. and that, is because of damon.

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