Sunday, November 27, 2011

27 dresses

being a busybody makes me keep on busying myself at other's wedding, even in a wedding that i barely know the bride and groom.

and yesterday, while i was busying myself served as a flower girl (at 22 years old, still) cum 'budak penanggah' at my neighbour's wedding, a funny thought slipped into my mind. i was putting myself in jane nichols shoes. haha, not really fit in, coz jane's a bridesmaid but i'm only the busybody penanggah girl.

but yet, how many weddings should i cover until i found one for myself?

apparently, still a long way to go for a 27 dresses in malay version. kah kah kah.

selamat pengantin baru buat kak shida (serius, baru semalam aku tahu nama jiran aku).
semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat.

p/s : sori, gambar pelamin je sempat snap. told ya, i'm busying myself being a busybody.

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