Thursday, September 29, 2011

random thoughts for today

#1. My self-confident level is declining. Oh,wait. Do i ever had some?

#2. A fast walker in high heels/wedges definitely will make your steps look kinda weird. No,not you. Me.

#3. I wanna be rich.

#4. Workaholics surely are rich, because they didn't have time to go shopping. So make me a workaholic then.

#5. I wanna punch someone,for no reason.

#6. It's not easy to raise a family.

#7. This double chin makes me look fat. That is why others keep on thinking that i'm gaining weight. Even when i'm not.

#8. Malaysia needs more sarcastic blogger like mr.k, kahuna, pokapola, etc. They've made a good medicine when you are feeling bored. Not to forget, they should be active too. 

#9. In fact, this entry has been plagiarized from one of them. But i would say, inspired.

#10. Dah cukup sepuluh random thoughts for today. Esok boleh kerah otak tingkatkan produktiviti minda tambahkan lagi sepuluh pemikiran menjadikan ia dua puluh.
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