Friday, September 16, 2011


straight to the point. what have i been doing for these past few days?

1. eating

on top : waffle with vanilla ice cream 
down : ice cream goreng. root beer float and guava
box office cafe, wangsa walk mall

2. eating

 mushroom soup with ice lemon tea
secret recipe, gombak prima

3. eating

on top : chicken with mushroom sauce
down on top : beef lasagna
down : white dark choc cheese cake
secret recipe, kl sentral

apparently, i ruined my diet for now. eh, am i dieting?

and just how jakun i had be cause when the food arrived, i totally forget everything except eating, and suddenly i shouted "wait, i haven't took the photos yet!" and i threw away the fork and spoon, grab my phone and snap them. geez, totally forgot that my phone now can snap a pic.

and that's why most of the photos missing out a bite, or two.

p/s : remember how i told ya that there's gonna be less writing and more photos? kekeke, what's the purpose of getting a telefon bimbit berkamera then lah. *double jerk*. haha. and am still enjoying it. much.

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