Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 1st of the 3rd

Sneak peek of vd season 3 :-

#1. When i saw elena's alone in the room gloomingly thinking of stefan, i was like "Where's damon? He should be there comforting her!"

#2. When i saw damon with andie i was like "Nooooo! Don't be. No wayy!"

#3. When i saw stefan ripping those two innocent ladies i was like "Yeah! Screw you stefan. There's no way you and elena would be back together."

#4. When i saw klaus, with stefan, i was like "So you're the third person that came across stelena huh. And you're not even a damn sexy hot bitch. That's amazing!"

#5. When i saw caroline and tyler i was like "Heyy, are you guys gonna create a lot more klaus? U get what i mean right - the hybrid. Like, seriously guys?"

#6. When i saw damon and elena's fight-bonding i was like "Oh man, pull over guys. Just say iloveyou-andmetoo. Everyone agrees that dalena is like way too cooler than stelena."

#7. When i saw andie died i was like "Yeay!!*double jerk*"

#8. But when i saw stefan's crying i was like "Damn, why am i crying too?"

Oh, the 1st episode did give me a lot of emotions. But i won't giving up on dalena. Please, be true, dalena.
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Kuncup Here said...

Vote for NO.6 yeayyy!

Anonymous said...

hahah seriously too much emotions just for 1 ep hahaha fara u're sooooooooo ROMANTICCCC but honestly i vote for dalena too hahah...