Saturday, August 13, 2011

be strong

sometimes, what we want to do is not what we are capable of doing.

tak semua orang boleh hidup normal seperti orang lain. mungkin definisi normal bagi setiap orang berbeza, tapi as long as you get every chances others might get too, it is considered normal. peluang untuk enjoy. peluang untuk belajar. peluang untuk hidup. ya, itu perlu bagi life seorang manusia normal.

dan ingatlah, bila peluang tu datang, jangan sia-siakan. sebab there are people out there who are willing to die for the same chances, but they are just unlucky. ya, ada orang yang nak belajar, tapi ditakdirkan dia sakit. try to put yourself in their shoes and you'd feel you are lucky enough for all the things you've got yet you still forget how to say thank you Allah.

don't whine. don't sigh. and don't ever be tired of life. life is not a life without tests and problems. just be strong and remember, you are lucky enough compared with others who don't.

Allah knows better what He has prepared for us. never fail to trust Him.

to naqibah, there is always a rainbow after the rain. your chance will come soon. just, be strong.

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