Friday, July 1, 2011

it's showdown!

last wednesday, the last week of showdown competition before final. dan aku tibatiba tergerak hati nak pergi tengok live @ i-city. sebab ada geng - farah, jiran depan rumah. thanks to cik as for the free pass.

sebelum ni tak tergerak pun nak pergi. u know, i hate crowd so much. and i don't prefer free standing space at all. that's why i would rather spend extra costs on a seat for a concert. secure, and comfort. and standing straight 2 hours makes my heels ache. but yo, i did get a great view. yeah, free standing is worth in that case.

actually, we came to support bounce stepperz. crew yang mempamerkan elemen tradisional dalam setiap persembahan mereka. of course, they are my brother's buddies. geng menari. geng sepentas teater. congratulationz for making it to the final, guyz.

now, let's meet the top 4 crews.

they are one of the top 5 showdown 2010 last year but just a week before final, out. a dance crew with a blend of b-boy. i just noticed that the one with blue cap on looks like seungri big bang. hehe.

yeah, a unique dance crew stands with their own identity. the most original one. memberi satu suntikan baru dalam street dance. the black and blue cap at the back are twins.

this is the most consistent crew in showdown 2011. a dance crew with a great popping. u guys should check out their performance during magic theme, and also meet uncle hussien's laguku untukmu. awesome!

the last 100% b-boy crew remains in showdown. but apparently, they had stepped up to be a dance crew. yazid af7 is one of the member here. tak kenal tu, yang rambut keriting tu.

i'm going again next week for the final. try searching my face captured on tv next week guys. haha. the camera last wednesday didn't manage to capture even a single pimple of mine. but that's what i want. (penat tau i main nyorok muka taknak bagi satu malaysia nampak. malulah.)

tapi muka adikadik aku sangatlah jelas. next week lagi jelas. *envy

*sempat lagi tau aku berpoyapoya lepas kerja. dahlah baju formal tak ingat. nasib baik tak pakai baju kurung.

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