Wednesday, June 1, 2011


the highlights for today :

an analogy; a marathon runner and a sprinter. who will win?

imagine these two compete in a 400m race. definitely, most of us wanna be a sprinter who reaches the finishing line first. but remember, a marathon runner will reach it too. it's just a matter of time.

be two times the distance. would the sprinter still be able to maintain the speed? surely it's gonne be hard for him after all the efforts has been put in the first round. a sprinter may got the speed, but less stamina. a marathon runner may go slow and steady, but still can maintain the stamina till the end.

and i wanna be a marathon runner. after all, won't betray my cogankata; usah terlalu berusaha.

thanx mr azizan for the creative analogy. i like it the best. and so does pwc.

* just a few minutes after i left to work, i got the news that a friend of mine lost her mum this morning. sorry for not being there when u needed friend the most. and knowing ur mum, she's the strongest person i've ever met. no one can ever fight the disease as strong as she fighted it. and i know u're just as strong as her. keep ur faith, take care, dear.

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