Thursday, May 19, 2011

prolog : sabah, here we go!

listening to : here we go - super junior.

i've just arrived batu caves safely, from a long vacation at sabah. there's a lot to blog about. there's so much things to story. and there's so much new experiences to share.

it's a long long story, thought of updating part by part. and i'll try to make it as fast as i can.

as for now, i just wanna say, i missed sabah already. and the people. and the places. and everything. owh, how i wish i can travel everyday.

and for that, i thanked zila and her family a lot. i owe them a lot. thanks for the memories, and the love. it'll never be forgotten.

love, farrakaka.

photographer : ziela rainbow

to be continued...

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