Saturday, May 21, 2011

acid man

fact : acid man is not related to superman. or batman. or spiderman. and not even cicak man. he's a badass. a creature you, women, need to avoid. try not to bump into him. take care of ur own safety.

frankly speaking, i'm afraid of today's malaysian's mental health. there's a lot of sick people out there. sick, as in insane. maniac. psycho. whatever. and what the hell is this acid man? obsessed much with acid, huh? or maybe his obsession is on woman walking down the street. and his hobby is throwing acid to people's faces. jeez, u gotta find something else to do, man. or maybe u should try throwing that to ur own face.

as a lady (ehemm. still have to admit it), and especially, a public transport consumer plus a street walker, i mean, a pedestrian, it worries me a lot. that acid man is now conquering klang valley to shah alam area. damn, kl is not safe anymore. guess i should move on to somewhere safer. sabah, maybe? *of all places, why sabah? sebab cintaku tertinggal di sabah. kan zila kan. wink2*

so, ladies, beware. mom says never talk to strangers coz it's dangerous. but this ex5 rider acid man talks with his hand, with a speed of light, without warning. and just in a blink of an eye, u may not be able to open ur eyes again. it's more dangerous, people.

please, acid man. whoever you are, stop this insanity please. use ur brain. find ur heart. God didn't create them to be wasted.

ufth, i'm sick of these sick people. bilalah malaysia nak aman ye?

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