Saturday, April 16, 2011

ending of a new beginning

let's put an end for the 6th semester.........classes. yet, it feels like the semester really ended, where the truth is, there's still a final be waiting ahead. a final exam, with 5 killing papers.

and a brave of me, gambling with myself, filling these 11 days of 'study week' to 'study' (kononnya) at my home sweet home. this is the time to discipline myself.
*fact - the longest time a book (aside from novels and comics) be opened in front of my eyes at my home sweet home is 15 minutes. that's my record.

so, just wait n see. i've nothing left to speak.

just a picture to conclude everything.

we are family

p/s : don't know why, this sem a bit of sentimental feeling runs into me towards the ending. badi 'hati seorang perempuan mudah tersentuh' i guess.

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