Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

of the letter Q, and its significances in my life

My toshiba notebook, I called him Q-shiba.

My samsung galaxy ace handphone, I called him Q-ace.

My future husband imaginary boyfriend named Kyuhyun (read : Q-hyun).

And next year, being the last part of my degree, insyaAllah, I would be placed in AC2208Q.

Hopefully, me and my friends could go through this last semester with not much problem. It's a sad that we're gonna separate for this last sem, but being in a different path does not change the fact that we're actually run for the same finishing line - a degree certificate to be reached. So, just keep on moving and don't stop supporting each other.

Coz in the end, a clan would always stick as a clan.

p/s : blogger-droid upgraded version is much better than before. I'm liking it, though I still hope for more changes.

edited : and yeah, i love the letter Q very much. very very much.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

the wedding

happy wedding life, Puan Hajar.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wordless wednesday #2

akulah panglima perang ninja

p/s : saya memang suka curi tulang dan memanipulasi harta company. k bai.

wordless wednesday


Monday, December 12, 2011

part 1

5 things i wish for after watching twilight breaking dawn : part 1

#1. a house made of glass in the woods. near the stream.

#2. a wedding full of white, and flowers. but not in the woods (atau ladang kelapa sawit, bak kata eryn)

#3. a honeymoon in a private island. not to mention, a beautiful traditional guest house by the sea.

#4. a good best friend, as best as jacob.

#5. a loving husband, as loving as edward. not romantic is ok, caring is more than enough.

but i don't wanna be bella swan. pfth.

i still can't believe that at last, i managed to watch the movie. call me outdated, but since i was busy working, i was too lazy to catch what's new in cinema. and what's new in cinema doesn't really attract me now, i'm not a movie-maniac.

the best part of it, i am surrounded by a group of nice people. part 2 will be continued, after i snatch some pictures uploaded by them.

Being any kind of happy is better than being miserable over someone you can't have.

edited 31/12/2011, 2345 : part 2, here. (credit, wandidib)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

tiba tiba

Tiba tiba aku rasa nak ada boyfriend macam Azril Mustaufi. Yang bakal gigih mengasingkan sampah sarap dari mihun tomyam aku.

Sumpah sampah sarap berbentuk sayur sayuran dlm mangkuk makan malam aku tu sangat annoying.

Wujudkah Azril Mustaufi dalam dunia ni? Kalau ada aku nak masuk meminang cepat cepat.

p/s : Azril Mustaufi adalah hero novel Tentang Dhiya. Tiada sebarang perkaitan persaudaraan dengan Zikir, hero drama Tentang Dhia.
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

most amazing

named most amazing live in malaysia. the most amazing thing about this concert is only the line-up. Miss A, f(x), B1A4 and the most amazing super junior.

the rest, still a long way to improvise (referring to organizer).

i am so eager to stand beside kyuhyun that i was actually covering b1a4.
sorry, jinyoungie.

yeah, i went to that concert. am not expecting much because i bought the not so expensive numbered seat ticket (yet is still costs a lot) so when i've seated, it saddened me to see a lot of wasted unoccupied space in front. rule no 1 : please avoid open stadium when u're not expecting people will buy expensive tickets just to see the artists so far away.

it brings to rule no 2 : if u're gonna fill up the stadium, please reduce the ticket price. not all malaysian are kind enough wasting money for entertainment (me, exception. i love wasting money). and we're not rich either.

in this case, quantity is needed. if i was the performer (who knows, someday. keke), i would be sad to see a lot of empty space but yet they still give us the best show ever. rule no 3 : massive promotion is a must when it comes to a concert.

nevertheless, thanks to organizer for your good job bringing them here. it's okay with all the lacking yesterday, there is always room for improvement. (and me also is improving my financial status for a lot more upcoming concerts). i know it's not an easy job to bring global artists in here so u guys deserve an applaud for that. keep on ur good job and improvise.

and what am i doing here whining and complaining? i did have a great time yesterday. enjoyed myself much seeing my boys rock the stage. cheering, chanting and scream my heart out loud despite the sore throat i was having at the moment. and enjoyed myself as much as i can. did i say enjoyed twice?

artists line-up : B1A4, Suju, f(x) and Miss A
see, told ya there's a huge gap there. wasted and pity much.

truthfully, in the two previous concerts i've attended before, i did not behave in a concert-mannerly because i was so busy taking pictures of them and did not have space to enjoy myself much. but yesterday, thanks to the not-so-close-up view, i wasn't able to snap a single perfect picture so i decided to sit back, relax and having fun being a fan-girl. it was fun. really fun.

and i did record some videos as the token of MOA memories but i was so embarrassed of myself when i playback the videos. too much fan-girl shout out, especially when it's kyuhyun's time. can't help myself from loving you, kyu. even the cute young jinyoung also can't compete with you, yet.

to complete the excitement of me yesterday, i am actually one of the lucky person who get an autographed poster, daebakk! on top of it, i got a poster signed by super junior, all members. worth my effort squeezing the crowd just to grab the poster.

proud face

yeah, it's just a poster. a biodegradable thing. but thinking that the boys actually hold the poster, put their hands on the poster, and who knows, kiss it (haha, no wayy, that's too much), it satisfied me enough. yeah, i'm crazy like this. a simple thing like this can actually makes me crazy.

close-up, kyuhyun's signature.
kyu actually put his hand here.
and kissing this part would make me kiss kyuhyun's hand, indirectly.
no, don't imagine. i did not kiss the poster okeh.
at least, not yet. haha.

crazy fangirl. *sigh.

life couldn't get better (am listening to 'miracle' now, just randomly put the lyric here. coincidence, suits much). i'm savoring the thing i enjoyed the most. don't know whether i can stop the craziness. or might as well should not stop. it's my own preference though.

and again, thanks to those who has been working hard to make this concert a real success.

p/s : praying hard for ss4 in malaysia. and i will surely grab the vip ticket.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

goodbye november, hello december

i don't really remember since when did i start counting days like hell. worklife makes me suddenly concerned for something i don't really bother to care before.

and seems like it's a must saying goodbye to prior month and welcoming new moon month. (nampak sangat takde life, so tiap tiap bulan update benda yang sama je. *bowringg). november started with a bit of sweet, not really sweet in between and ended with a blast. i could say that november doesn't run smoothly as i had dreamed. yeah, i dream, i do not plan. nevertheless, november is still my favourite.

towards the end, i lost an intern-partner, gain a cute birthday-smurf-cupcake and a promotion. i am officially a senior-intern now, heuheuheu.

farewell, yi xin.


thank you, team.

p/s : i don't think i can stop doing what i'm doing now. might not be able to get a long holiday. am still considering about it. workaholic? naa...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

27 dresses

being a busybody makes me keep on busying myself at other's wedding, even in a wedding that i barely know the bride and groom.

and yesterday, while i was busying myself served as a flower girl (at 22 years old, still) cum 'budak penanggah' at my neighbour's wedding, a funny thought slipped into my mind. i was putting myself in jane nichols shoes. haha, not really fit in, coz jane's a bridesmaid but i'm only the busybody penanggah girl.

but yet, how many weddings should i cover until i found one for myself?

apparently, still a long way to go for a 27 dresses in malay version. kah kah kah.

selamat pengantin baru buat kak shida (serius, baru semalam aku tahu nama jiran aku).
semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat.

p/s : sori, gambar pelamin je sempat snap. told ya, i'm busying myself being a busybody.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Mungkin aku tak patut tgk game malaysia vs syria tadi. Mungkin aku patut tidur seperti dua hari lepas ketika malaysia bertemu indonesia. Mungkin kalau aku tidur sahaja aku bakal terjaga dengan kemenangan malaysia.

Mungkin harimau terkena badi aku. Mungkin malang itu berpunca dari aku. Mungkin akulah pembawa sial itu. Mungkin, mungkin.

p/s : sejuk perut tengok game tadi. Nak mencarut emo pun tak sampai hati.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

malaysia boleh

Ya, walaupun aku tak menonton game tadi disebabkan rasa kemengantukan yang amat sangat, tapi kelihatannya seperti bola tidak dapat berpisah dari aku (terkena badi kaka mungkin). Tidur aku terganggu tepat pada ketika batang leher pemain malaysia disarungkan pingat.

Tahniah harimau malaya. Teruskanlah mengaum di kemudian hari. Tapi jangan terus terlupa akar umbi. Tetaplah berpijak pada bumi jangan membongkak mendabik diri.

Dan menyelusuri laman twitter menyingkap kembali apa yang terjadi, feels like, damn, i missed so much thing. But no regret. Aku rasa aku telah membuat keputusan yang betul demi menjaga kesihatan jantung dan tekanan darah tinggi aku.

p/s : jangan gaduh gaduh. kita masih serumpun. Nanti tiada siapa nak jaga anak dan masak. Tiada siapa juga yang nak bina bangunan tinggi tinggi. #sarka
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

lol, damon's apology

damon salvatore is an emotionless bad-jerk who will never feel guilty for whatever he did, be it right or wrong. thus, he never apologize.

and on tvd episode 7, i cracked out on this one scene where damon made it to an apology to ghost mason lockwood, for killing him.

lol at alaric's "are you incapable of remorse". don't you know ric, he is.

and i burst out loud again when he recycled that same crap ass apology he gave mason to alaric. damon, you are funny!

nice of saturday, at last, i am able to sit back, relax, and find my own sweet time doing tvd marathon. (which i found out pretty much amusing than being in cinema paying 10 bucks for god who knows what crap story will it turned out to be).

yeah, of course i know tvd also has it's own twisted story-line, but i can actually forgive that. and that, is because of damon.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I remember couple of months ago while having lunch with 2 of my seniors, we're also having this conversation.

Kak D : Kak S nak kawen tahun ni. 11-11-11.

Aku : Yeke? Wah, cantik tarikh.

Kak S : Hehe. Last year kak D kawen 10-10-10.

Aku : Owh...

Kak D & Kak S serentak :
Next year 12-12-12 farah pulak la kawen.

*bunyi cengkerik.

Selamat pengantin baru buat kak shikin. Dan juga selamat pengantin lama buat schoolmate saya, aja. Semoga kalian bahagia bersama keluarga sehingga akhir hayat. =)

p/s : sorrylah, saya cop 10-11-12 lama dah. Cop je dulu. Ada x ada belakang kira.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

no title

aku ingat lagi, 11 tahun lepas, masa tu first day aku bersekolah di selangor, lepas 3 tahun menetap di sarawak. first day hari isnin. perhimpunan. 3 tahun aku nyanyi lagu sarawak ibu pertiwi. tiba tiba bantai kena tukar lagu duli yang maha mulia. dah lah tak sempat practise apa. main redah je datang sekolah terpinga pinga tak tau lirik tak tau melodi. orang nyanyi aku lyp-sync je. gerak mulut tapi herot lari jauh dari lirik asal.

sampai satu part aku confident habis. aku dengar perkataan pertama je aku tarik nafas bersedia nak melontarkan vokal dan..


sedang orang lain nyanyi


dan seterusnya aku terus tutup mulut berdiri tegak muka tunduk ke bawah dan diam sehingga tamat perhimpunan.

epic fail. balik rumah abang aku pun cerita benda yang sama. kami mungkin patut dibuang negeri.

itu cerita lepas. cerita epic fail 11 tahun lepas. tapi hari ni, mari sama sama sambung balik nyanyian tertunda tersebut

Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan kamu
Allah selamatkan ____ 
Allah selamatkan kamu

*isi tempat kosong dengan nama aku.

terima kasih banyak banyak. akhirnya sampai ke penamat juga lagu tersebut selepas setengah usia aku berlalu.

p/s : takdo ko anak ghajo kacak bergayo nok minang den? den da makin tuo da ni. kalau buleh nok la yang soghupo anak ghajo nogori tuh. ni den tongah prektis la ni mano eh tau kot melekek anak ghajo tu kek den ni. haa, kayo den nanti.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

thank you

Ni hou!

had a great night yesterday. loving my department. really appreciate their enthusiasm. so touched on how they never leave us behind that we can finally be part of this. 

the shanghai night at kl convention centre. credit to pihak penaja for the dress. ya, saya seorang artis sebab tu ada sponsor.

my name in chinese calligraphy. a colleague said that it's a name of a famous chinese actress. see, told ya i'm a celebrity. (or at least adalah tempias tempias artis kena sikit kat aku)

ole ole from shanghai. really love this picture. berbaloi aku tebalkan muka berposing over depan ramai orang. hewhewhew. oh, nak sign?

the cool :-
#1. the food. 100% chinese dish, the halal one of course. and delicious. it's a pity that i'm not an expert in chopsticks. kalau pakai chopstick baru boleh rasa feel shanghai night sepenuhnya.

#2. the organizer. this isn't a mere dinner. the committee surely know what is entertainment. before the dinner starts we're enjoying ourselves outside the ballroom. photo taking booth - where i took the gorgeous picture above, fortune teller booth - the q was so long that we gave up halfway and calligraph booth as well.

#3. the performances. ning baizura in the house. and serena c mcing the dinner very well.

the not so cool :-
#1. my bad eyesight. last minute preparations made me forget to buy lens. so i have to wear specs, which made me less *cough*elegant*cough*.

#2. the blisters. the heels killed my foot. not to mention, last minute preparations also made me wear 3 years age heels. should have throw them away by now.

#3. the half-drunk mat salih. taulah air free. luckily u're still sane enough to behave. 

truth, we're just so lucky. thank you very much, seniors and managers.

p/s : unfortunately, group photos are not in my hands. T T 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november to remember

in facebook, almost everyone welcoming 1/1/11.

in twitter, #hello november is a trend.

in blog, err, i don't know. maybe i'm the only one who update a special entry for november.

so why is everyone so excited in seeing november? what is so special about november? what is there in november? *double jerk.





whatever it is, am gonna enjoying every single day in november. coz november is my fav month. ^,^

peace, hope that november will bring many more happy returns of the day. happy november day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

6nam sahaja

sedang gila infinite. bukan formula matematik. siapa yang gila korea sahaja yang tahu apa itu infinite. don't bother if not interested.

ketinggalan vampire diaries sebanyak empat episod. i need to find my own sweet time to catch up back episode 4 till recent.

masih belum mencari baju dinner. cuma ada masa kurang seminggu sahaja lagi. where can i find a muslimah type of cheongsam huh?

2 kali dalam masa seminggu menonton wayang tahpape. being infected with cine-phobia now. and fyi, both are malay films. gentle reminder : if u guys wanna us to support local products, make a good one at least.

pelanggan tetap redbox telah bertambah seorang. 2 times in a week i visited redbox. but it aint improve my vocal skill. wasted money.

do i still have to update here that i've changed my blog layout?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what if i told you

What if I told you
Who I really was
What if I let you in on my charade

What if I told you
What was really going on
No more masks and no more parts to play

There's so much I want to say
But I'm so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind

Would you see me differently
And would that be such a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you

What if I told you
That's its just a front
To hide the insecurities I have

What if I told you
That I'm not as strong
As I like to make believe I am

There's so much I want to say
But I'm so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind

Would you see me differently?
And would that be such a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like If I told you
Oh if I told you

What If I Told You, Jason Walker

p/s : aku patut berhenti mendengar kepada jason walker kerana ia menjadikan aku seorang perempuan penuh beremosi. sungguh penat beremosi ini. (maka kiranya bahasa melayu apakah ini?)

Friday, October 7, 2011


Fikiran sempit aku terus berkata:

"Jenuhlah chong kwai fatt nak kerah otak buat buku teks taxation versi baru."

Memang sempit. Betulbetul sempit.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a walker named jason

it's been a while since i last listened to the song that i understand. i mean, the language. i do listen to them but next thing i know, i would switched back again to the not very understandable songs. korean, of course.

and on the second episode of TVD, i found this, being the background of ste-da-lena's moment.

I'm out on the edge and I'm screaming my name
like a fool at the top of my lungs
sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright
but it's never enough
cause my echo, echo
is the only voice coming back
my shadow, shadow
is the only friend that I have
Jason Walker, Echo

i fell in love at first sight (it's love at first heard i guess). then i googled what other masterpieces that this guy had and i found this, which is also featured in TVD S01E06.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
so why do I try, I know I’m gonna fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
I'll never know why it’s coming down, down, down.
oh I am going down, down, down
can’t find another way around
and I don’t want to hear the sound, of losing what I never found.
Jason Walker, Down

i've never heard of this guy. neither do i knew his songs. and i don't even have time to googled him (too lazy to be a stalker). all i knew is that he's just a not-so-popular-soundtrack-singer but since last week, his songs have been in my top playlist, which i listen to everyday. and my favourite would be this, just how meaningful the lyrics are.

Cause now the years have passed us by
and I still do not know why
before you tried
you chose to quit
so where are you tonight
you could make everything right
but instead
you're missing it
you're missing it
Jason Walker, You're missing it

there're some other songs of him i would like to share here, but i guess three should be enough. basically, his song has the melodramatic melody, slow but not so sleepy. it'll fit your ears just nice. the power lies in the lyrics. i just love how poetic they are.

and this entry is actually a reply to this,

yes, i am helplessly romantic like this. (mata juling ke atas, tangan di bahu)

p/s : i hate to see the word anonymous. it makes me keep on guessing who is stalking on me. see, you're making me a minah perasan.  please, state your name whoever you are. (but i have a hard feeling that the above is faezah's. she has some kind of text-writing style. am i guessing right?)

Friday, September 30, 2011

my first korean lunch box

maaf, tangan aku memang tidak berseni. gunakan tangan tikus apatah lagi.

ya, walaupun telefon bimbit kini dilengkapi fungsi kamera cikai tapi aku perlu juga menyelindungkan kejakunan di hadapan senior. maka, aku simpan telefon dan tenung set lunch box ini lamalama lalu menyematkan rupanya di dalam minda untuk aku keluarkan dalam bentuk lukisan, sebegini. hasilnya, aku rasa tembikai aku je yang cukup sifat. dan juga bijan.

set korean lunch box ini diperkenalkan oleh senior aku, semasa kami lunch bersama di Sooka food court tengahari tadi. kalau di jepun dipanggil set bento. tapi disebabkan nama kedai tempat aku beli set ni adalah dodo, maka aku panggil set dodo. atau mungkin juga di korea memang dipanggil set dodo. aku pun tak tahu. malas nak google. kalau rajin tolonglah googlekan untuk aku.

set dodo lengkap dilengkapi 7 hidangan. nasi, sup rumpai laut, kimchi ataupun nama melayunya kobis perap, kobis campur cendawan goreng cikai cikai, tembikai dua potong, timun jeruk dengan perapan seperti kimchi, kot dan juga kau boleh pilih satu antara filet ikan, daging, ayam, kari ayam, sotong goreng tepung mahupun udang goreng tepung.

first impression aku. wow! berkhasiat! tengok jelah berapa jenis sayur dia hidangkan. untuk bukan penggemar sayuran seperti aku agak terkialkial juga nak menghabiskan satu set dodo ni. mujur nasi dia tak berapa lembik seperti yang selalu kita lihat dalam drama korea. maka kurang rasa muaknya. and kimchi's taste is not bad. ada rasa masam masin sket. seaweed soup pun sama. nasib baik tekak aku ni boleh sumbat je apa rasa. tolak batu kayu dan besi sahaja.

kurang satu je. sudu besi bertangkai halus dan panjang. kalau dapat makan menggunakan sudu sebegitu maka lengkaplah korean dish aku.

p/s : rasa klasik pulak makan dalam box kayu comel. rasa nak bungkus letak dalam sapu tangan ikat bunjut je.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

random thoughts for today

#1. My self-confident level is declining. Oh,wait. Do i ever had some?

#2. A fast walker in high heels/wedges definitely will make your steps look kinda weird. No,not you. Me.

#3. I wanna be rich.

#4. Workaholics surely are rich, because they didn't have time to go shopping. So make me a workaholic then.

#5. I wanna punch someone,for no reason.

#6. It's not easy to raise a family.

#7. This double chin makes me look fat. That is why others keep on thinking that i'm gaining weight. Even when i'm not.

#8. Malaysia needs more sarcastic blogger like mr.k, kahuna, pokapola, etc. They've made a good medicine when you are feeling bored. Not to forget, they should be active too. 

#9. In fact, this entry has been plagiarized from one of them. But i would say, inspired.

#10. Dah cukup sepuluh random thoughts for today. Esok boleh kerah otak tingkatkan produktiviti minda tambahkan lagi sepuluh pemikiran menjadikan ia dua puluh.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend (versi "INI ADALAH...")

Saturday, 24th September 2011
F&N Fun Fest, Bukit Bintang

Ini adalah pentas, bersama sebahagian Faizal Tahir kelihatan di atasnya.
Ini adalah Awal, bersama co-host Jamie dari Singapura.

Ini adalah Sam Bunkface, ketika sound-check.

Sebab utama kami sanggup menyerah diri menempuh crowd yang ramai adalah kerana dance comp yang disertai oleh adik aku dan kawan kawannya. we missed the artists' performances because it started late in the evening and we have to rush back early. but still managed to catch a glimpse of faizal tahir during soundcheck at the afternoon. he is indeed, super!

Dan terima kasih kepada aman kerana telah menemankan aku berdiri selama lebih tiga jam dalam kepanasan dan kerimasan. lepas ni boleh lah nak beli tiket konsert rock zone ke rock pitt ke berdiri betulbetul depan stage sampai boleh peluk kaki super junior sebab dah practise rasa berdiri lelama straight 3 jam sehingga pitam. X(

Sunday, 25th September 2011
Wedding, Segamat.

Ini adalah pengantin, bersama pengapitnya.
Ini adalah bakal pengantin, bersama flower girlnya.

Ini adalah Asyraff's Five Expression

I don't really love wedding because of the crowd and the heat. but meeting up a lot of people was the best part of it. untung untung boleh jumpa jodoh sekali. heuheuheu.

Dan terima kasih kepada makcik makcik yang mendoakan mak aku dapat menantu tahun depan. dah siap set tarikh pulak tu. kalaulah jodoh senang turun dari langit dengan jayanya...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 1st of the 3rd

Sneak peek of vd season 3 :-

#1. When i saw elena's alone in the room gloomingly thinking of stefan, i was like "Where's damon? He should be there comforting her!"

#2. When i saw damon with andie i was like "Nooooo! Don't be. No wayy!"

#3. When i saw stefan ripping those two innocent ladies i was like "Yeah! Screw you stefan. There's no way you and elena would be back together."

#4. When i saw klaus, with stefan, i was like "So you're the third person that came across stelena huh. And you're not even a damn sexy hot bitch. That's amazing!"

#5. When i saw caroline and tyler i was like "Heyy, are you guys gonna create a lot more klaus? U get what i mean right - the hybrid. Like, seriously guys?"

#6. When i saw damon and elena's fight-bonding i was like "Oh man, pull over guys. Just say iloveyou-andmetoo. Everyone agrees that dalena is like way too cooler than stelena."

#7. When i saw andie died i was like "Yeay!!*double jerk*"

#8. But when i saw stefan's crying i was like "Damn, why am i crying too?"

Oh, the 1st episode did give me a lot of emotions. But i won't giving up on dalena. Please, be true, dalena.
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Friday, September 16, 2011


straight to the point. what have i been doing for these past few days?

1. eating

on top : waffle with vanilla ice cream 
down : ice cream goreng. root beer float and guava
box office cafe, wangsa walk mall

2. eating

 mushroom soup with ice lemon tea
secret recipe, gombak prima

3. eating

on top : chicken with mushroom sauce
down on top : beef lasagna
down : white dark choc cheese cake
secret recipe, kl sentral

apparently, i ruined my diet for now. eh, am i dieting?

and just how jakun i had be cause when the food arrived, i totally forget everything except eating, and suddenly i shouted "wait, i haven't took the photos yet!" and i threw away the fork and spoon, grab my phone and snap them. geez, totally forgot that my phone now can snap a pic.

and that's why most of the photos missing out a bite, or two.

p/s : remember how i told ya that there's gonna be less writing and more photos? kekeke, what's the purpose of getting a telefon bimbit berkamera then lah. *double jerk*. haha. and am still enjoying it. much.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Nilai Hantaran Kahwin Mengikut Harga Purata Terkini dan Status Pelajaran di Seluruh Semenanjung :-

UPSR, PMR/SRP : RM1,000 - RM3,000
SPM : RM3,000 - RM8,000
STPM/DIPLOMA : RM8,000 - RM12,000
DEGREE : RM12,000 - RM15,000
2ND DEGREE/MASTER : RM15,000 - RM20,000
PHD : RM20,000 - RM30,000

Retis retis yang cuma ada SPM takat cukup cukup makan pun duit hantaran dorang ya ampun, tak terbilang jari kaki. perlu ke semua ni?

muak aku tengok status facebook semua orang dok update mendalah ni je. propaganda macam nilah yang membuatkan orang takut nak pinang aku anak dara zaman sekarang. tak perlu nak hiperbola sangatlah.

pokok pangkal, terletak pada kemampuan. dan persetujuan bersama.

p/s : hantaran itu tak penting. yang penting adalah pendapatan bulanan. sebab nak hidup bersama bukan setakat sehari dua, tapi seumur hidup. betul tak?

updated via PwC network.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

good packages come in handmade creation

package #1

package #2

sealed forever for a while. will be reopen on 1st syawal.

and to be posted to segamat, today - self-delivery. jom, balik kampung! yip yip!

p/s : buat kuih raya sambil ditemani lagulagu korea. perghh, rasa cam sambut raya kat korea plak. terus tetiba rasa nak hantar ucapan salam perantauan kat utusan.

Friday, August 19, 2011

memories, remain forever

We were in love, weren’t we?
All those days we spent together
We shared our pain, didn’t we?
Even when we didn’t know what was wrong

Where are you now?
Don’t you hear my voice?
My aching heart searches for you
It calls out for you, it’s going crazy

My heart, my tears, again the memory of you
Drop by drop they fall onto my chest
I cry and cry, and with these memories that won’t be erased
Today my empty heart is drenched again

We liked each other, didn’t we?
I used to make you laugh just by smiling
We cried together, didn’t we?
You would hurt too when you saw my tears

Where are you now?
Don’t you see how exhausted I am?
My aching heart searches for you
It calls out for you, it’s going crazy

My heart, my tears, again the memory of you
Drop by drop they fall onto my chest
I cry and cry, and with these memories that won’t be erased
Today my empty heart is drenched again

Won’t you come back to me?
Every day I call out your name
As I wait, exhausted, I wander and look for you

My love, my tears, my memories with you
Drop by drop they fall onto my chest
I cry and cry, and with these memories that won’t be erased
Today my empty heart is drenched again

super junior 5th jib

angin bayu, tolong sampaikan salam rinduku padanya nun jauh di sana #buwekkmuntahhijau.

p/s : when you got nothing to blog, just copy and paste your favourite lyrics. it's fun. puhahaha.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

love sucks

it's a rough time for me waiting for my dad to pick me up at lrt gombak, everyday. like, almost one hour i have to wait for the alza, while watching the buses passing by one by one - come and go. ufth, inilah dia, time tak nak banyak pulak bas datang. selalu tu bukan main susah lagi nak nampak batang hidung. boleh je pun aku nak naik bas tu dari tunggu abah aku tapi malas nak jalan jauh dari bustop ke rumah aku nun di pedalaman sana tuh.

so, one fine day, to kill the time, i lose my rm5 to this,

love sucks - and i love damon. so, damon sucks. *hehe, joking.

" Damon has a lust for life like i do. he loves what he's doing and he's enjoying the hell out of his life despite the amount of pain and anger that he has inside of him. but he's also essentially a lonely guy. i know what it's like to be lonely."

Ian Somerhalder a.k.a Damon Salvatore

oh, how i miss u damon salvatore. but now, i'm confused. is it really damon that i fall in love to, or is it ian? or maybe, both?

p/s : mr. somerhalder, lonely, huh? come to me then. puhahaha.

* vd season 3 premiere will be aired on Sept 15. mark your calendar and start counting the days, vdians.

and i learnt a lesson too, never forget to put a piece of novel inside the bag, or might as well ended up buying majalah-tah-pape-cover-sexy-mengurangkan-pahala-puasa. pfth.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

be strong

sometimes, what we want to do is not what we are capable of doing.

tak semua orang boleh hidup normal seperti orang lain. mungkin definisi normal bagi setiap orang berbeza, tapi as long as you get every chances others might get too, it is considered normal. peluang untuk enjoy. peluang untuk belajar. peluang untuk hidup. ya, itu perlu bagi life seorang manusia normal.

dan ingatlah, bila peluang tu datang, jangan sia-siakan. sebab there are people out there who are willing to die for the same chances, but they are just unlucky. ya, ada orang yang nak belajar, tapi ditakdirkan dia sakit. try to put yourself in their shoes and you'd feel you are lucky enough for all the things you've got yet you still forget how to say thank you Allah.

don't whine. don't sigh. and don't ever be tired of life. life is not a life without tests and problems. just be strong and remember, you are lucky enough compared with others who don't.

Allah knows better what He has prepared for us. never fail to trust Him.

to naqibah, there is always a rainbow after the rain. your chance will come soon. just, be strong.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

anak dara

*entry ini ditujukan khas buat semua anak dara di luar sana.

kita dilahirkan dari rahim seorang wanita. dengan susah payah. dan dengan harapan kita bakal membesar sesempurna mungkin. ya, memang tiada manusia sempurna. tapi sempurna yang diharapkan cukuplah sekadar menjadi manusia. manusia yang pandai menggunakan akal.

dah pandai bertatih. kemudian berjalan. seterusnya berlari. semua tu tak kita lakukan sendiri. cuba teka siapa yang ada di sebelah kita menatih kita bertatih? yang sentiasa merintis laluan semasa kita berjalan? yang selalu bersedia untuk menangkap jikalau kita terjatuh? ya, mak. betul tu. tapi kenapa bila langkah dah kian jauh, kita tegar sahaja terus berlari membelakangkan mak demi kata hati remaja yang belum tentu benar? kenapa?

kita disekolahkan. diberi semua kemudahan. diturut semua kehendak. nak buku. nak handfon. nak laptop. nak duit. nak itu. nak ini. cuba teka siapa yang cuba sedaya upaya mengadakan semua yang kita nak tu? yang bekerja untuk mendapatkan gaji? yang gajinya disalurkan ke semua kehendak keperluan kita? ya, abah. betul tu. tapi kenapa bila usia kian menginjak dewasa, kita tegar sahaja terus mengabaikan kehendak abah demi menurut kehendak hati remaja yang sudah tentutentu berlandaskan nafsu tanpa rasional? kenapa?

kita dah pandai berkawan. kita dah pandai bersosial. kita dah pandai bercinta. cuba teka apa yang kita buat bila hati berbunga cinta? bila nafsu mula beraja? bila akal diletak belakang kira? ya, kita lukakan hati mereka. kedua ibu bapa kita. kenapa?

kita sudah remaja. tapi remaja masih belum lagi melambangkan kita manusia. manusia dikurniakan akal. remaja juga dikurniakan akal. tapi manusia pandai menggunakan akal. walhal, ramai remaja di luar sana yang tidak tahu menggunakan akal. common sense, akal digunakan untuk membezakan yang baik dan yang buruk. yang benar dan yang salah. yang haq dan yang batil. cuba teka berapa ramai yang tahu menggunakan fungsi akal? tak perlu teka, kira sahaja bilangan bayibayi terbuang di luar sana. kira sahaja bilangan remaja yang sanggup menjadi buangan lari dari ibubapa. kira sahaja bilangan anak dara yang sudah hilang daranya cuma tinggal anak sahaja akibat mengikut nafsu semata. tak terkira? maka, tahulah kita ramai sebenarnya yang masih tidak tahu menggunakan fungsi akal.

bukan susah. baik atau buruk. benar atau salah. cuma dua pilihan sahaja. dua yang nyata. mungkin kita masing masing dibesarkan dengan cara yang berbeza. tapi matlamat kita tetap sama. untuk menjadi manusia. manusia yang pandai menggunakan akal.

tidak bijak pun tak mengapa. asal pandai menggunakan akal.

* kenapa kita? bukan kau? atau mereka? sebab aku takut kritik realiti. kadang kadang apa yang kita kritik tu mungkin akan refleks balik kat kita (mintak dijauhkan.) tapi kalau tak kritik tak mungkin sampai apa yang kita rasa. dan aku betul betul mintak, tolonglah, wahai adik, sepupu, sedara, jiran, kawan, dan semua remaja perempuan, gunalah akal. zaman remaja memang mencabar. kita mungkin buat silap. tapi semua silap masih tetap ada pembetulan. bukannya berterusan. kalau ada aku tersilap kata, maaf. tak berniat menyinggung sesiapa.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ventolin kills

sekecilkecil ubat jangan disangka tak mampu memberi impak besar.

fakta : ventolin mampu membuatkan anda menggigil satu badan dan tanpa disedari, anda mampu menari lagu gee gee gee gee gee.

* i've said before, i can handle the fever, but asthma, please don't. i can't take my breathe. i can't sleep. and i can't work either. (peace, dapat mc!) tapi, sedut gas paling aku suka. puhahaha.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

my lullaby

Rascal Flatts - What hurts the most

* sometimes, we need to listen too. and right now, i'm giving your eyes rest and just, listen.


Friday, July 29, 2011

then and now

people grow up

and so do i

i did tell everyone that i'm getting fatter. and when i said i'm gonna diet, they said 'pffth, kau dah kurus nak kurus apa lagi'.

read the highlights above. that friend of mine (yang sangat tak beragak jujur ikhlas memberi komen) proved that i am fat, right now. ufth, just imagine, how do i looked like before.

apparently, skinnier than now.

so, define gemok. please. *sigh

p/s : hate the fact that "ko dah gemok. xcomel dah". but still, love the fact that i WAS, once, cute. puhahahaha.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


di suatu tengahari yang dingin. (dingin oleh kerana aircond dalam office)

me : nama kau rare. nanti aku nak letak nama anak aku dengan nama kau.

friend : nanti anak kau cakap aku curi nama dia.

me : haha. aku nak letak nama anakanak aku dengan nama bestfriend. sebab aku nak kamceng dengan anakanak macam aku kamceng dengan bestfriend.

friend : kau banyak kawan. banyak lah anak kau nanti.

me : 2 pasang cukuplah. sorang abang. sepasang kembar. sorang adik.

friend : kalau macam tu, anak lelaki kau nak guna nama siapa plak?

me : nama bestfriend bapak dialah.

me and my neverending daydream. *sigh...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wordless wednesday?

hari ini hari rabu. pfth. apa itu wordless wednesday? pedulik hape aku. kalau dah mood aku nak berbelog type panjangpanjang jatuh pada hari rabu, takkan nak tunggu hari khamis baru nak post entry. bukan senang nak datang mood berblogging ni. sementalah aku pun sedang sibuk membina kerjaya sekarang ni. tapi jangan risau, i'll try to make this entry has less of words as i can.

I watched transformers last two weeks. just wanna share thoughts. it was bowringg. daa! *gaya gedik santai. a friend of mine said that i've no sense of great movie. but dude, u watch it first then only u talk lah. i even 'cried' of sleepiness in the hall. selang dua minit menguap sampai airmata mengalir. sheesh. tapi mungkin juga sebab aku kepenatan habis kerja terus menonton. plus, i was alone. so, feeling menonton kurang sedikit. and also, because megan fox wasn't there. just because. haha. (trust me, megan fox punya sexyness lebih real dari penggantinya yg tidak kurang sexy juga ini)

Harry potter was amazing. i mean, it wasn't like really really amazing but it's the last piece so i think, an ending is what we most need in a movie, and life as well. no more magic. *sedih. and to see the transformation of the boys and girls (or should i say the wizards and witches?), it makes me realize how grown up we've become. we, means u and me as well. not only them. agak agak jk rowling nak karang novel albus severus potter tak lepas ni? eh, tapi kan dia dah tua, mampu ke dia nak berimaginasi luar petala lagi?

i bought two novels with the hope that it will cherish my moment along the journey to my workplace in the commuter. lagipun dah lama tak menyokong kempen marilah membaca di dalam lrt. the first novel was so boring. i red like about 10-20 first pages then i closed it and don't even bother to continue reading. the other one attracts me more. i read and read and continue reading at my home and in just one night, i'm done. so, in the end, it turns out that i've got nothing to read in the commuter. better stick to just sleeping in the lrt then.

i've always wondered where the hell did all my allowances go. in just half of month, i'm 'dried'. but the answers were in the above. see, berpoyapoya beli itu ini, mana tak habis. pembaziran berleluasa. tapi aku puas, sebab aku tak kisah berhabis untuk diri sendiri. bukan selalu pun. and now, bolehlah aku aplikasikan frasa "biasalah, tengah bulan..." dalam kehidupan seharian.

i'm sleepy. and less than one hour, the day will turned thursday. this is the least of words i can provide for wednesday. good night, world.

Friday, July 1, 2011

it's showdown!

last wednesday, the last week of showdown competition before final. dan aku tibatiba tergerak hati nak pergi tengok live @ i-city. sebab ada geng - farah, jiran depan rumah. thanks to cik as for the free pass.

sebelum ni tak tergerak pun nak pergi. u know, i hate crowd so much. and i don't prefer free standing space at all. that's why i would rather spend extra costs on a seat for a concert. secure, and comfort. and standing straight 2 hours makes my heels ache. but yo, i did get a great view. yeah, free standing is worth in that case.

actually, we came to support bounce stepperz. crew yang mempamerkan elemen tradisional dalam setiap persembahan mereka. of course, they are my brother's buddies. geng menari. geng sepentas teater. congratulationz for making it to the final, guyz.

now, let's meet the top 4 crews.

they are one of the top 5 showdown 2010 last year but just a week before final, out. a dance crew with a blend of b-boy. i just noticed that the one with blue cap on looks like seungri big bang. hehe.

yeah, a unique dance crew stands with their own identity. the most original one. memberi satu suntikan baru dalam street dance. the black and blue cap at the back are twins.

this is the most consistent crew in showdown 2011. a dance crew with a great popping. u guys should check out their performance during magic theme, and also meet uncle hussien's laguku untukmu. awesome!

the last 100% b-boy crew remains in showdown. but apparently, they had stepped up to be a dance crew. yazid af7 is one of the member here. tak kenal tu, yang rambut keriting tu.

i'm going again next week for the final. try searching my face captured on tv next week guys. haha. the camera last wednesday didn't manage to capture even a single pimple of mine. but that's what i want. (penat tau i main nyorok muka taknak bagi satu malaysia nampak. malulah.)

tapi muka adikadik aku sangatlah jelas. next week lagi jelas. *envy

*sempat lagi tau aku berpoyapoya lepas kerja. dahlah baju formal tak ingat. nasib baik tak pakai baju kurung.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

mak dara nyonya

selasa malam rabu lepas, selaku wartawan bebas untuk majalah sukahatikaulahnakpikirmajalahapa, aku berpeluang menyaksikan preview teater mak dara nyonya. terima kasih che'e atas jemputan tersebut.

pernah dengar jenama 'jamu mak dara'? ha, teater ini sebenarnya menceritakan kisah hidup pengasas jamu mak dara tersebut. mengangkat kisah kecekalan, ketabahan dan kejerihan hidup seorang wanita yang penuh berliku beronak duri. jatuh berkalikali namun tetap bangun juga sehingga mampu berlari kembali. kisah benar ini digarap skripnya oleh siti rohayah attan, dan disampaikan menerusi monolog seorang juhara ayub. ya, seorang sahaja sudah memadai. *salute.

dan persembahan diselangselikan dengan kisah dari seberang, perihal seorang nyonya muda berharta namun suaminya terlantar di rumah sakit akibat cancer(sebutan, kan-ker) lidah, yang acap kali diganggu sama penjaja barangan antik yang punya obsesi untuk membeli segala harta kepunyaan nyonya tersebut. nyonya juga sering kali didatangi keponakan(in malay, it means saudara) suaminya, yang berulang kali menuntut wang tanah pusaka keluarga. kisah humor penuh kritikan masyarakat ini ditulis oleh wisran hadi, penulis dari indonesia. satu kolaborasi terbaik dari sherry (aku tak tahu apa nama betul akak ni, selalu dengar mak aku panggil sherry je), pelakon teater zaifri husin, norzizi zulkifli, misha omar, sarimah ibrahim dan farah fauzana.

ini first time aku tengok teater asli punya. selama ni, teater yang dilambakkan dengan pelakon terkenal drama dan filem walaupun tak dinafikan memang terbaik, namun masih terasa kurang rencah asli suatu persembahan teater. tapi, dengan hanya tujuh orang pelakon ini sahaja, aku dah rasa lengkap. lontaran suara yang jelas, nada yang tepat, ekspresi muka yang natural, bahasa tubuh yang meyakinkan dan penjiwaan yang terkesan. begitu berjiwa sekali, jiwa yang mendalam. itulah dia kelebihan seorang pemain teater, yang dah biasa dengan pentas teater. walaupun bahasa melayu indonesia yang digunakan dalam kisah nyonya tersebut sangat pekat, tapi kau masih boleh memahami apa yang ingin disampaikan pelakon. thumbs up juga kepada pelakon nyonya kerana bisa menuturkan skrip indonesia dengan lancar sekali. bukan seperti pelakonpelakon dramafilem yang biasa kita lihat melakonkan watak pembantu rumah dari seberang yang kadangkadang bahasa indonesia dia kedengaran seperti loghat utara. percubaan terbaik dari farah fauzana. dan nampaknya, misha omar dah gian nak bermain teater selepas percubaan gamat dan mahathir. juhara ayub, terbaik.

oh ya, cukuplah di sini sahaja untuk mak dara nyonya. pementasan arahan rosminah tahir ini akan dipentaskan bermula 6 hingga 12 julai ini di MATIC, siapa yang tak tahu di mana letaknya Malaysian Tourism Centre ni, silalah pindah ke london. tak tak, meh aku bagitau. ia terletak bersebelahan dengan saloma bistro, dekat dengan klcc. semat dalam hati, nanti kalau jumpa pelancong sesat tanya jalan ke matic, taklah malu jadi orang malaysia duduk kl tapi tak kenal tempat.

*esok malamnya pula, memenuhi jemputan menonton showdown live di i-city (susah jadi wartawan hiburan ni. asyik dapat jemputan je. #buwekkpoyogiler). will story-morey later on the next entry. see ya.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

saya demam

...demam terkejut.

haha. ye, mungkin. terkejut mendapat satu GA dalam slip exam. tapi, benda yang boleh diagak, terima sajalah dengan hati terbuka, berlapang dada dan sedikit penyesalan yang tidak mungkin boleh mengubah takdir yang telah tertulis.

somehow, deep inside my heart, feels like deserving this. we never know how far we need to step over the hole until we fell down. and i do believe, in life, we need to experience everything, be it hell, or heaven, coz experience is the best teacher.

ya, mungkin ayat di atas kedengaran seperti cuba menenangkan diri sendiri. cuba nak mempositifkan kembali yang negatif. cuba nak menafikan hakikat realiti. tapi, itulah yang aku mahir lakukan. berjalan terus ke hadapan tanpa menoleh ke belakang dan menerima takdir yang ditentukan tanpa mempersoalkan kenapa dan mengapa.

oh, hidung yang tersumbat ini sangat membunuh. penat sudah menyedut mukus masuk kembali dalam rongga trakea tapi degil betul nak meleleh je. *sorry, gross sket.

dalam hal ni, aku tak tahu apa katakata terbaik boleh aku lontarkan. aku menulis cuma apa yang aku rasa. aku menulis berdasarkan pengalaman semata. yang kadang kala tak relevan untuk dijadikan ukuran. jadi, yang terbaik untuk disajikan bagi memotivasikan kau orang dan juga diri aku sendiri, ini dia, petikan dari blog seseorang.

cr : mr. K

aku tak tau mana mr. K dapat idea the graph of our life. our timeline. apa kau ingat twitter je ada timeline? tapi, brilliant. ya, takdir itu adalah tetap. dalam bahasa accounting, diibarat seperti fixed cost. (dandan la time ni nak guna terms accounting. dalam exam berterabur semua ilmu tah ke mana.) be it how high or how low ur production, the fixed costs will remain the same. sama macam takdir. andai kata kau di atas, atau di bawah, takdir tetap kau tak boleh tolak. tak mungkin dapat lari. dan seterusnya, terpulanglah pada apa yang kau nak lakukan berdasarkan apa yang kau telah terima. ya, corak hidup kita semua sama. yang membezakan cuma takdir. dan kehendak.

sometimes, we wonder why? when thing doesn't run smooth as what we hoped for, we question Allah. not knowing that the answer lies within ourselves. if one believes in karma, he/she should believe that anything that happens is the consequence from the act of the past.

hidup ini roda. what goes around comes around. sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down. yang membezakan cuma berapa tebal kita nak salut lapisan getah pada roda itu supaya tahan geseran. yes, the way we treat our lives, it does matter.

kalau kau kuat, insyaAllah, jatuh berapa kali pun tetap akan bangun semula.

ah, terasa seperti ingin berlari menuju pusat karaoke untuk merefreshkan kembali fikiran. tapi tekak yang sakit membatasi.

adakah perlu aku meminta mc esok? huh, baru intern jangan nak macammacam.

p/s : semakin lama aku hidup, semakin aku tak sangka aku sekuat ini menghadapi semua yang terjadi. ya, kita dewasa secara semulajadi. and i should thank God for creating me with less sentimental-emotional-geligeli-jiwang-minahbunga feelings. tak mudah terkakis dek emosi. pheww.

Friday, June 17, 2011

susah sangat ke nak jadi baik?

bila kau orang naik bas atau tren atau apape pengangkutan awam pastu ada tempat duduk kosong dan kau orang pun duduk tetibe ada sorang makcik pakcik nenek atau atuk yang tidak mendapat tempat berdiri terhuyung hayang di depan mata kau apa yang akan kau orang buat?

kalau aku lah, first sekali aku akan fikir, "nak bangun ke tak? apasal takde sorang pun bangun? kalau aku bangun mesti orang lain pandang. segan ah."

tapi, aku akan bangun jugak. lantaklah semua nak pandang ke hape. bagi tempat pastu buat bodoh jelah. itu kalau mood baik aku datang. tiba mood tak baik plus penat plus malas angkat bontot aku buatbuat tak nampak jelah. *kurang markah sudah.

dan pagi tadi seperti harihari yang sebelumnya mood aku memang baik. matahari elok bercahaya. angin sepah sepoi sepoi bahasa. mp3 memainkan lagu ceria di telinga. datang seorang perempuan cina yang agak berusia cuba sedaya upaya mengimbangi tubuhnya menahan kehuyunghayangan bas yang pemandunya bawa seperti hantu. lantas aku bangun dan dengan sopannya mempersilakan auntie ini duduk.

+ eh eh, takpe takpe. you dah nak turun ke?

~ tak. tapi you duduk jelah.

+ eh. tak perlulah. i boleh berdiri je.

nah, betapa tergurisnya hati aku pabila auntie ni menolak. dengan aku yang dah berdirinya. tak tau apa nak buat dah. tapi aku tak putus asa. orang kata kalau nak buat baik biar sampai habis. aku berkeras mahu auntie tu duduk juga. kalau niat baik tak kesampaian mana aku nak letak muka jambu aku ni?

maka, berlakulah drama sebabak duduk bangun di atas bas rapid kl tersebut. dan fahamfahamlah, orang tengah sumbat telinga memang tak slow habis lah bersuara kan. satu bas dengar conversation antara aku dengan auntie tu. akhirnya, auntie itu mengalah selepas aku memang berkeras habis.

serius, aku segan gila. dan sepuluh minit perjalanan seterusnya kurasakan sangat lama berlalu.

dilema orang muda. sheesh.

* jumpa dua orang pacai berbaju melayu hijau serindit hari ini. kebetulan, aku pun pakai baju kebarung hijau juga. dua kali aku bersanding dalam tren harini. jodoh? tak mungkin.