Sunday, December 5, 2010

tag. perlu ke?

dijemput khas oleh miss fazy. maka, ini misi yang perlu untuk dilaksanakan.

just copy and bold something that tells about urself. kalau orang yang degil ketegaq akan buat sesuatu yang lain dari yang lain, contohnya strike out ataupun colour kan untuk lebih menarik dan menunjukkan keunikan masing masing. dan saya memilih kesemuanya, bold, colour dan strike out and a bit of description in brackets kerana saya sangat unik.


i'm loud
i'm obnoxious
i'm sarcastic
i'm cocky
i cry easily (when i see someone else cry)
i have a bad temper
for the most part i don't like people
i'm easy to get along with (depends on with whom)
i have more enemies than friends (mana mungkin. i'm a lovable person.)
i've smoked
i've smoked weed
i drink coffee (sometimes)
i clean my room daily (pffth, who will clean it daily? daily is too much)


i wear makeup (just to not looking so plain)
i wear a piece of jewelry at all times (can watch be considered as jewelry?)
i wear contacts (only when i'm not wearing glasses)
i wear glasses (only when i'm not wearing contacts. haha)
i have braces
i change my hair colour often (i wear tudung ok)
i straighten my hair often (i've told u i wear tudung. pffth)
i have a piercing (at ears)
i have small feet


i'm in a relationship now
i'm single (but i'm not alone)
i'm crushin' (always)
i'm in love (define love)
i'm always scared of being hurt (it is others who are always scared of being hurt by me)
an ex has physically abused me at least once
i've told someone i loved them when i didn't
i've told someone i didn't love them when i did
i've been in love more than two times (again, define love)
i believe in love at first sight (maybe)
i believe lust is more important than love


i have a best friend (not a. a lot of)
i have at least ten friends
i've gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
i've beaten up a friend (always, unintentionally)
i've been in a serious fight with a friend
i can trust at least five people in my life (i do trust people easily)


i've been on a plane
i've been on a train
someone close to me has died
i've taken a taxi
i've taken a city bus
i've taken a school bus
i've done bungee jumping (would love to)
i've made a speech
i've been in some sort of club (recreation club? well, it's a club too..)
i've won an award
i've spent 24 hours on the computer straight (almost. i need sleep too)
i've been in a physical fight (with along, zaman hingusan dulu...)


i listen to rnb
i listen to country
i listen to pop (yeah! korean pop)
i listen to techno (i dont do club)
i listen to rock
i'm one of those people who play songs repeatedly until i hate it
i hate the radio
i download music
i buy cd's


i spent at least six hours a day watching television (but not nowadays)
i watch soap operas daily (but i do watch theaters often)
i'm in love with days of our lives
i've seen and liked the o.c
i've seen and liked one tree hill
i've seen and like america's next top model
i've seen and like popular
i've seen and like 24
i've seen and liked csi
i've seen and like everwood


i get along with both of my parents
my biological parents are still together
i have at least one brother
i have at least one sister
i have at least one step brother/sister
i have at least one half brother/sister
i've been kicked out of the house
i've ran away from my home
i've sworn at my parents
i've made my parents cry (i dont know. ask themselves)
i've lied to my parents (i won't call it a lie. i just not-telling-them-at-all)
i've lied to my parents about where i am
i've lied to my parents about what am i doing
i've lied to my parents so i'd be allowed to
i've walked out when i've been grounded (never been grounded)


(i wear tudung. so, not answering any of these)

• i've been brown
• i've had streaks
• i've cut my hair in the past year
• i've dyed my hair in the past year
• i've been blonde
• i've had black
• i've been red
• i've been light brown
• i've been medium brown
• i've been blue/green
• i've gotten my hair thin
• i use conditioner
• i've used silk therapy
• i've used hot oil treatment
• i've curled my hair
• i've straightened my hair
• i've iron my hair
• i've braided my hair


i've yelled at teachers
i've been suspended
i've had an in-school suspension
i've been sent to the principal's office
i've walked out of class
i've skipped an entire day of school (at least once a week)
i've skipped a whole month of one certain class
i've failed a test (it started to happen at uni)
i've cheated on a test
i've helped someone else cheat on a test
i've failed art
i've failed p.e.
i've failed math (how can i failed what i love to do)
i've failed science
i've failed another class
a teacher has called my parents

end of tag.

i've lied a lot. so what i stated above might not be true. haha.

the truth is, i dont really know myself. no, sometimes, i just feel like denying it all. it's better to not really know urself. living a mystery life is more adventurous. and fun. =P

* penat tau aku buat tag ni cik fazy. disebabkan aku tak dapat nak copy and paste, aku terpaksa taip balik semua. dan kenapa aku bodoh sgt taip balik semua huh?

dan tag ini di tag kepada semua readers. SEMUA, yang berminat. tiada paksaan. kalau rasa bosan dan takde kerja nak buat, silalah buat tag ini. it's fun.

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jamilah.chantek said...

i like this answer very much:-


(i wear tudung. so, not answering any of these)