Monday, November 22, 2010

a word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advise

tomorrow, 23rd november 2010 would be the first day of spm. so, good luck to my dearest sis, the one and only sis, fatin najwa othman. yo, try to break my record la sis...

but absolutely, she cant beat my record, bahahaha. unless she got straight A1's. its juz that she took less one subject than me, so, i'm very much confident that i will be holding the record in my family till the end of generation. haha. (so confident this lady, laugh now, dear. u do not know the future..)

and suddenly it reminds me of that damn physic paper... ufth, its all in the past lah farah.

and like the quotes above, the wise man doesnt need all advise, just do what's necessary and i'm sure u can do it. u have my confidence and one day, i would like to see u pulling ur big huge luggage (filled with all garbage unnecessary things u like to keep which messing up our room) at the airport while the rest of us waving goodbye, sending u abroad. that has, once, to be my dream, so i'm kindly requested u to fulfill it, please.

hwaiting, wawa!

* cought a cough suddenly. bangun bangun pagi (as in PAGI tau, bukan tengahari seperti biasa) tadi, terus sakit tekak yang perit sangat. why suddenly? seingat aku dah lama aku tak minum air batu, mahupun pergi melalak 3 jam tanpa henti dalam karaoke box, ataupun pergi konsert super junior. jadi, mana dtgnya sakit tekak ni?

oh, baru teringat, hari tu aku ada cilok sikit air 100 plus yg mak minum time dia tengah demam tu, tanpa pengetahuan dia.

then, i deserve this. uhuk uhuk.

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