Sunday, November 28, 2010

another crap

have u ever be a stalker?

menipulah kalau kau kata tak pernah seumur hidup kan.

i have. and still having it. this is the longest crush i've ever had. sometimes, it feels like i had already get over him, but somehow, it won't let go off me easily. i knew he would never realize my existence, for he has already met his true mate. but it still can't change the fact that he will always keep wandering in my mind. i've knew him for quite a long time, long before he met that girl. but i just couldn't tell. it hurts, to hide behind ur own shadow, watching over vur mr nice guy, but what u are axactly looking at is ur mr nice guy, having a sweet moment with his miss nice girl.

hey boy, u are my first crush. since school. and until now, i guess. when i knew u already found ur girl, i was happy, but still, as a normal person, i couldn't help the hatred. even if i try to forget, somewhere deep inside me is still holding u tight. so i became invisible, and hoping for a miracle.

but boy, i think it is time to let u go. good bye, my crush. wishing u all the best with ur mate. and i am truly happy if u were. this is true. coz i'm sick of keeping this trapped for years. adios.
* yaw! sgt berani aku meluahkan perasaan kat sini. but i have no worries btw.
i am invisible tho, so how on earth would he know all this crap?
it feels so good to be invisible. . .

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