Wednesday, June 2, 2010


13 fakta tentang aku :

1. senang addicted dgn satusatu benda. dan senang juga hilang minat dgn satusatu benda.

2. handle failure much earlier than it was expected. so, it wont bleed me like hell when the reality comes.

3. dont easily get frustated. or mad. u mess with myself, surely aint affected me. (for long term effect of coz)

4. an i-dont-care type of person. mostly, my life, my everything i do depends on luck.

5. a great follower instead of leader.

6. difficult in making decision. so dont ask for my opinion.

7. take things for granted. really, this is sooooo negative.

8. loves number so much, thats why i've been addicted to minesweeper. dare to challenge me in that game. bahahaa.

9. dont prefer asking and ordering people. prefer to do it alone than being a burden to someone else.

10. kalau ada, adalah. kalau takder, aku tak kesah. and that sounds like me.

11. cold-blooded creature. haha. not some kind of reptilia, or amphibia, dude. guess i dont have much feeling to be expressed. or maybe i do, but juz dont really know how to express it.

12. never planned anything in my life. juz follow the flow, and thats the best. let the path lead your feet to anywhere it want to.

13. not really know myself. so, whatever i stated above, might not be true.

*still have no idea why i'm posting this crap. look, its just something i wanna share. or maybe throw out loud from inside me. oh, geez, i think i really need to not thinking too much.

(this is what happening when u dont know what to do during ur sem break. u'll keep thinking.. and thinking.. and thinking. plus dreaming too. bahaha.)


Anonymous said...

the 13 listed are soooo 'you' ok.

farrawanie said...

who r u, anonymous?

ayiz mazlan said...

ho3...ini rupenye ko yew....

farrawanie said...

ayiz : haha. no more secret. diam2 tau. org len tak tau aku merepek camni. haha.

Amanina Syazwani said...

tapi kn opinion ko slalu ak leh pakai,keep giving me your opinion ok..

farrawanie said...

aman : haha, malu i. tak tau plak kata2 repekan aku tu bole diguna pakai.