Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ini cerita hari Isnin

wake up this morning, i was like, "oh,my God, my brother's gonna sit for UPSR exam today!"
geez..suddenly i started to feel nervous, like i'm the one who's gonna take that exam. while in the car wif him (and my father as well), i feel like i could hear his heartbeat. actually, it's my heartbeat, coz it feels like you recalling back your memories of your school time. the truth is, my brother looks cool. he is very cool. he LIKES to act cool.

i dunno what will his result be, as he doesn't look like the one who's gonna sit for the exam (maybe he got that talent from me...), but it's only UPSR...who cares??haha.. deyy, mom do cares so much! (rilex mak, kalau dak ni failed UPSR dia, kawenkan je trus.. gatal da nak bermakwe2 time skola rendah, melangkah bendul kakak2 dia lak tuh)hehe...

to my brother, ANAS SYAFIQ, a.k.a Apiq (but sometimes i just love to called him Anas, and i'm the one in my family to call him wif that name), GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR UPSR! Try your best, n try to beat Along's result. bwahaha..... (u can't beat mine n wawa's, u knew that...)

* gaya macam apiq baca jer blog aku nih.. but who cares?? blogging is to express your feelings and these are my feelings...

p/s: i've got my mid-term MAF 330 test result, and it's really2 dissapointed. but, wut to do, that's all bcoz of myself too. hailaa, bler arr mood nak study nak dtg nih.. next week i've got an audit presentation and a quiz on MAF 330, both in TUESDAY! wondering how will i cope with those two things. and i'm supposed to complete my FAR 315 homework NOW, so what am i still doing in front of the laptop??

live well or live hell? choose yourself

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